The Department of Art and Art History, in the College of Arts and Sciences at UM presents the Master of Fine Arts exhibition by contemporary artist, Brian Gefen, beginning March 12, 2011. The exhibition titled, “Development of Power vs. Untitled Creatures” is a progressive series of narrative artwork that grasps ideas out of various 20th century artists to create an endless graphic narrative. The exhibition will be available for viewing from March 12 to March 25 at the University of Miami Wynwood Project Space, 2200-A NW 2nd Avenue, Miami.

The theme of the exhibition, Development of Power vs. Untitled Creatures, demonstrates a conflicting mythical world in which characters battle one another for food and the basic amenities of life.  The mythical world exposes a system of nobility, featuring King Steamer and Queen Tatiana Dee Dee.  Untitled Creatures is tribal, with leaders such as Doyleox, Helmet Jack and Hixon.

Development of Power controls the food and weapons which are heavily guarded by the security farmers who are constantly on alert because the opposing, Untitled creatures, lurk around the land in an attempt to steal food.  The two groups cannot agree on anything and as a result tension grows. This discord is displayed through Brian Gefen’s series of paintings in Development of Power vs. Untitled Creatures.

Aesthetically, Brian Gefen’s painting surfaces are visually flat but complimented by many strongly contrasting color combinations and lively characters illustrating events in the ongoing, unfolding artistic drama of Development of Power vs. Untitled Creatures.  Gefen uses an array of mixed media which include acrylic paint, spray paint, markers, photos, computer printouts and vinyl stickers.

For more information regarding the artist, email A full schedule of exhibitions can be viewed at In celebration of the exhibition’s opening, there will be a reception for the artist on Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 6 – 10 PM. Other viewing times can be arranged by appointment.

For more information about the exhibition or Wynwood Project Space, call (305) 284-3161 or email

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