The Stage brings an elevated entertainment offering to Miami’s discerning residents and visitors.  Welcoming the masses to experience emerging music acts, groundbreaking live performances and various cultural shows The Stage provides artists with an incredible platform to showcase their talents. Destined to forever alter the city’s entertainment scene, The Stage has raised the stakes for Miami’s burgeoning music and entertainment industry.

Conceptualized by Carlos F. Garcia and Sasha Torres, The Stage is a haven for artists and a place for the community to enjoy some of the oldest forms of entertainment including art, film, music and theatre. From the creative minds behind Sound Theory Live, a radio show on WDNA that showcases local talent on live air, The Stage continues Garcia and Torres’s mission of promoting local musicians.  Realizing a need for an all encompassing entertainment venue, Garcia and Torres began exploring how they could create a place where different people could have multiple experiences in the same venue at the same time.  Inspired by its eccentric crowd and comprehensive collection of dining and nightlife, the two selected Miami’s up-and-coming Design District for their location.  “The Design District is in the midst of a cultural revolution,” explained Garcia, “it is undoubtedly becoming the destination for South Florida residents and visitors and The Stage is solidifying the District as the place to be”.

The 10,000 square foot venue (3,200 square feet inside and 7,000 square feet outside) boasts the perfect set up for performance and pleasure. With the stage as the focal point, guests are guaranteed a perfect view and an unforgettable experience. State-of-the-art acoustics, an intimate ambiance and various amenities ensure both the artist and audience unparallel entertainment.  Able to accommodate 1000 guests, The Stage presents the public with a unique space for not only entertainment but also corporate and private events.  The Stage is ideal for record release parties, photo shoots, exhibitions, fashion shows, cover parties, product launches, and corporate happy hours.

Designed by Andrea Mejia, The Stage takes inspiration from the music centric city of New Orleans – a place that’s given way to legends like Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino – where Jazz, Funk, and Cowpunk all have their roots.  In the 1960’s, New Orleans rose to popularity as a sophisticated town full of cultural experiences.   Garcia, a part time resident of New Orleans since March 2005, has spent a substantial amount of time developing relationships in music and arts world in both Miami and New Orleans.  Torres adds “As I visited Carlos’ house in New Orleans I was inspired to create something here in Miami that both of us felt captured the artistic essence of the Big Easy”.  The charm and sophistication of old New Orleans is apparent in throughout The Stage, from the décor and music to the staff and menu, allowing guests to be transported back in time. The décor incorporates the music.  Expect to be served old time New Orleans favorites from the bar including the bourbon milk punch and mint julep while staff is dressed in white button-up shirts with black vests a nod to old, southern sophistication.

Creating a home for well known and undiscovered artists alike, The Stage is the first of its kind in Miami. During the day, the venue is used as rehearsal space for artists young and old and at night The Stage invites local artists to test boundaries and showcase their talents in front of live audiences. On any given night patrons can take in a variety of experiences whether an up-and-coming band is rocking out, a comedian is on stage, or an indie film is in the reel on Cinema & Sushi Nights.

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