The secrets of Maya architecture with Kenneth Treister at Books & Books

Kenneth Treister
Discussing, showing images about and signing
Maya Architecture: Temples in the Sky
(University Press of Florida, $34.95) buy

Monday, April 15, 8pm
Books & Books, Coral Gables

In this illuminating volume, acclaimed architect Kenneth Treister brings a unique perspective to the physical remains of the ancient Maya cities. Through his knowledgeable treatment of construction methods and materials, Treister discusses the balance of form and function in Maya buildings and their integration of art, architecture, and society. He also reveals how Maya structures have influenced current forms of design and construction, inspiring his own work as well as that of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He also seeks to unlock the secret of the Maya’s mysterious collapse, arguing that the energy, enterprise, and pride that enabled these people to create such majesty hold the key to the seeds of their destruction. In their magnificent buildings, Treister finds not only the mortar that held their civilization together but the competitiveness that was the cause of its ruin as well.

About the Author

KENNETH TREISTER, FAIA, is an architect, sculptor, photographer, artist, and lecturer. He has received numerous awards for his architectural and sculptural designs and is coauthor of Havana Forever: A Pictorial and Cultural History of an Unforgettable City.

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