The Hour Glass Lunch Special at Bistro e at the Viceroy

It’s a recession, we get it. Bistro e, a new addition to Eos at the Viceroy Hotel  has introduced a fun, easy and affordable way to lunch.

Tired of the lengthy wait for lunch  when you do not have enough time to return to work? Do you also struggle with paying too much for lunch? Well they have the solution.

Bistro e has come up with a way to have your lunch properly prepared and ready, so you can be in, out and back to work in less time. When placing your order, if you inform the wait staff that you are in a rush, an hour glass will be placed at your table indicating that you have very little time. They will have your meal ready for you in 45 minutes or less.

For only $15 you will receive a healthy meal which is a part of their E3 Daily menu consisting of appetizer, entree, and desert. The meals are served in moderate proportions, just enough to hold over for supper.

While you wait cool down with a refreshing hibiscus iced tea.

Check out bistro e at the Viceroy Miami.

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