The Hellboy Film @ Miami Beach Regional Library

Saturday, 11th April 2009, 11am
FILM: The Bellboy

Filmed on location at the Fountainebleu Hotel, The Bellboy marks Jerry Lewis’ first film as writer-director-star. Though its gags are variable, the film works on every level.

It’s both contemporary (love that jazzy MiMo architecture!) and a throwback to two-reel comedies of the late-silent/early-sound era, though it most closely resembles Jacques Tati’s M. Hulot’s Holiday (1953) in terms of structure and pacing. And, like Tati’s features, it keeps dialogue to a minimum, rendering its nearly-silent protagonist more an observer than a force of action.

Free admission.

Miami Beach Regional Library
227 22nd St
Miami Beach, Fl
305-535-4219 or website

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