The Dutch Master of Light at W Hotel This Week

The Dutch Master of Light at W Hotel This Week

G E O M E T R Y    I S    L I F E

December 3-6

11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

W South Beach
2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach


 Dutch artist Tim Boin’s latest, critically-acclaimed work at the W South Beach in the epicenter of Miami’s art-explosion during Miami Art Week 2019 this December 3-6.

Known as “The Dutch Master of Light,” Boin’s art is focused on light, geometry, and spirituality. His latest collection, Geometry is Life, is specifically designed as a futuristic, visual sensory experience to capture realism in the subject using geometric designs. Enhanced by natural reflection as well as artificial 3D projection mapping, the collection is showcased in three separate categories, capturing the following elements: Natural Light, Enhanced Light and Artificial Light. More importantly, each artwork captures the balance between geometry, light and the spirit of the subject as if it were to come alive. ‘Geometry is Life’ is a visualization of the connection between geometry and the visual language that arises.

Geometry is Life, Tim Boin
Geometry is Life, Tim Boin

Conscious elements are at the root of Boin’s message. He has been celebrated for his larger-than-life sculptures depicting the ecosystem’s sensitive state. Using 3D Mapping, Boin literally and figuratively shed light on his geometric sculptures of endangered species in his recent work.

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