The Art World Turns A Page

By: Waverley Chmura

Despite the fact that I am an avid reader, a few years ago I would not have said I liked books any more or less than the next person. This has all changed and book buying is now rich with complexities that never existed before. While the invention of the e-book has forever changed the way people read and has left in its wake the destruction of bookseller giants and small book shops alike, this radical change has brought forth an unexpected niche market: casual bibliophiles, a term I am arbitrarily coining. A casual bibliophile would be a person who likes books enough to appreciate them as physical objects but is unconcerned with their rarity, condition (anything beyond being nice enough to put on a coffee table), or nuances in the way they are printed . In other words, there are now levels of book appreciation.


Understanding the subtleties between different kinds of readers is the new key to traditional publishing. There are so many questions one is now presented with when deciding between choosing between a physical book and an e-book. Is this a book that I plan on reading time and time again? Do I want to share it with other people? Am I planning on bringing it with me when I travel? Is it for fun or for reference? If it is for reference, do I need to have the information readily available or would it be the kind of book that would add a new dimension to my personal library? Is the content of this book primarily words or images? The list goes on and on. Book buying is now complicated!


Yet somehow, certain book sellers have managed to distill truths about books and the reading experience. It seems like ARTBOOK has taken all of these questions and tailored both their e-offerings and physical stock to accommodate all the new concerns of the casual bibliophiles. As a result, they have encouraged readers with a passion for art to invest in having a personal library.


ARTBOOK has a selection of e-books that are information dense and topic specific. When it comes to information, this is perfect because you want as much of it as possible and you want it to take up as little space as possible. ARTBOOK also has a wide selection of traditional books that are large with beautiful photographs. While it is true that it would also be nice to easily transport actual art images (and one certainly has the option of purchasing these books in e-format as well), there is something to be said for the glossy photos, for having an image with a two page spread, for being able to have this work of art adorn a bookshelf or a table.

And, of course, there is the lifestyle aspect of having a personal library. Much like cars, travel, fine wines, and art, having a library is a hallmark of a life of luxury. A library is a statement about one’s tastes. It is a source of beauty in one’s home. It is an opportunity to turn any gathering into a potential salon de arte. It is a gift for future generations. And, above all else, it is a source of personal enjoyment.


While the e-books have their place, they have not diminished the original appeal of the book in its original form when it comes to art. It is fantastic that ARTBOOK recognizes this fact and has made art books so readily available for purchase – both digital and printed.


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