Summer Fun at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

The Standard x (F)empower Present Summer School

Tuesday, July 16th


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The Yoga Studio at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach

40 Island Ave

Summer School, brought to you by The Standard Spa, Miami Beach and (F)empower, returns next month with its Self Defense class. Part of its monthly activation, The Standard Spa, Miami and (F)empower will host a self-defense focused class for the gender-oppressed and non-binary folks, on Tuesday, July 16th in the Yoga Studio at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.


Self Defense will be taught by Jacqueline Rangel & Marcela Coronell, mixed movement and lifestyle artists with a passion for sharing the practices that help them grow and live their fully expressed lives. With backgrounds in martial arts, dance, yoga, breath work, psychology and consciousness exploration, both Rangel and Coronell join together to create harmonic experiences. Their work provides a platform for the duo to serve as vessels that facilitate the encounter with one’s potentiated self.


In this introductory self-defense experience, Summer School will share how Budokon martial artists helps redefine fear and how to experience reality with an abundance of curiosity and confidence. Participants can expect a physical discipline, as well as an understanding of how learning to protect oneself translates to healthy mental, emotional and metaphysical boundaries.

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