Steady Six and Seven Figure Sales Reflect Superb Quality of Works at Art Miami

Miami’s longest running contemporary art fair and anchor fair to the city of Miami, is announcing major sales at the close of Day Two of the Fair. After a stellar opening night and first day, the momentum continued on Day Two as serious art collectors, museum professionals, interior designers and connoisseurs interacted with the galleries engaging in strong sales for the fair. Distinguished for its quality, depth and diversity, Art Miami presents an incredible showcase of works from internationally renowned modern and contemporary art from 110 international art galleries.

“We are very pleased with sales to date, and the energy at the fair has been extraordinary. Sales have exceeded last year, as we are seeing collectors continue to invest in high quality works at the right price—they are finding these opportunities on many levels at Art Miami,” said Nick Korniloff, Director of Art Miami. “This year, our exhibitors have brought superb quality pieces with great value, and the collectors are responding to them accordingly,” continued Korniloff. “We have also seen a great increase in the number of international collectors; this continues to be a very positive indicator for Art Miami our galleries and artists.”


William Shearburn, owner of William Shearburn Gallery stated, “Nick Korniloff has done an amazing job at re-branding this fair over the past three years—all of that effort is showing this year. The look is elegant, clean and sophisticated. Yesterday, when I was meeting with the LA County Museum, they told me ‘your show looks amazing, and the buzz on the beach is to get over to Art Miami.’”


On Day Two, several galleries reported speaking with notable collectors and curators throughout the day, including: Will Smith, Kim Heirston, Judy Auchincloss, Daisy Olarte de Kanavos, Ralph & Muriel Saltzman, Carolina & Federico Stubbe, Joseph Shein, Todd Wyman, Christopher Coleman and more. Additionally, galleries met with museum professionals from the Whitney Museum, Chrysler Museum, MOCA Detroit, Museum of Arts & Design (MAD), Mint Museum, Oklahoma City Museum, Taubman Museum of Art, Palm Springs Art Museum, Kreeger Museum, Boca Raton Museum, Vero Beach Museum, plus Thom Collins (Miami Art Museum), Jovana Stokic (Marina Abramovic Performance Curator at Location One, New York), Frank Boehm (Collections Deutsche Bank Italy), and Manon Slome (No Longer Empty, New York), and many more.


Highlights from Day Two (Thursday) sales included:

  • Galerie Michael Schulz sold a Gerhard Richter painting “Abstraktes Bild” for $1,600,000, and two Bong Chae Son light installations totaling $54,000

  • William Shearburn Gallery sold a Jules Olitski painting “Prince Yellow” for approximately $350,000
  • Rosenbaum Contemporary sold a Robert Indiana sculpture for approximately $325,000 and a Thomas Hartman painting for nearly $20,000
  • Hollis Taggart Galleries sold a Theodoros Stamos painting “Low White Sun Box” for approximately $225,000 and a Giorgio Cavallon painting “No. 84” for approximately $75,000
  • Michael Goedhuis sold a Wei Ligang ink and acrylic on paper “Qin Fan Yuan Wen, Ri Mu Kong Shan Xiang (2011) for $225,000 and a Xie Aige bronze sculpture “On the Tree” for $35,000.
  • Forsblom Gallery sold a Jason Martin painting “Kreyòl” for $135,000, Donald Sultan’s “Black on White Nov. 10 2011” for $65,000, and Veikko Hirvimaki made his first US appearance with his sculpture, “Good Night” that sold for $35,000
  • Westwood Gallery NYC sold a David Datuna “White American Flag” (2011) to a high-profile Netherlands collector for $150,000, and a Douglas Kirkland photograph titled “Keith Haring & Grace Jones, Burbank, California” to a New York Collector for $7,500
  • Contessa Gallery sold a Chuck Close jacquard tapestry “Lucas” (2011) for $150,000, a Lucas Samaras pastel on paper “X with Stripes” (1961) for $18,000, and a David Drebin lightbox photo “Me & Me” (2008) for $15,000
  • Galerie Forsblom sold a Jean Martin “Kreyol” for $135,000, a Donald Sultan “Black and White” for $65,000 and a Veikko Hirsimaki titled “Good Night” for $35,000

  • Spanierman Modern sold a Friedel Dzubas painting “Turning Point,” for approximately $85,000
  • James Baron sold a Larry Poons “Untitled” (1974) for $65,000 and a Fernand Fonssagrives gelatin for $10,000

  • McCormick Gallery/Vincent Villarino Fine Art sold a Peter Saul untitled mixed media piece for approximately $65,000
  • Scott White Contemporary Art sold a Ross Bleckner oil-on-linen “Summer 2011” for $55,000, a Robert Motherwell ink on paper titled “Elegy Study” (1983) for $16,000, and a Claudia Alvarez ceramic piece titled “Girls Fighting” (2011) for $8,500
  • Now Contemporary Art sold a Federico Uribe piece “Connected to Nature” for $50,000

  • Nicholas Metivier sold Edward Burtynsky’s “Dryland Farming #13” for $40,000 (the gallery has sold 5 works by Edward Burtynksy at the fair since Opening Night)

  • Osborne Samuel sold a Sean Henry sculpture “Seated Man” for $40,000
  • Claire Oliver Gallery sold 9 (out of 10) Stephanie Lempert prints entitled “York” totaling $45,000

  • Waterhouse & Dodd sold Norman Mooney’s “Sun” mirrored piece for $35,000

  • Cynthia Corbett Gallery sold Klari Reis’ “Hypochondria 60” for $30,000 to a Dallas collector and Lluis Barba “La Golconde Rene Magritte” for $23,000 to a major NYC collector

  • Goya Contemporary sold a Joyce J. Scott piece titled “Ancestry Progeny 5” (2009) for $30,000

  • Catherine Edelman Gallery sold Gregory Scott’s “Dialogue” for $26,000 and three “Revolting” multi-media pieces totaling $96,000

  • Galerie von Braunbehrens sold Peter Anton’s “Selection Boxed Chocolate” for $24,000

  • JGM sold two Rob Wynne’s titled, “Once Upon a Time” and “Starlike” totaling $24,000

  • David Lusk Gallery sold a Greely Myatt steel piece “Volume II” for $22,000
  • Bridgette Mayer Gallery sold an untitled Thomas Nozkowski oil on paper for $20,000
  • Pace Prints sold the Keith Haring “Icons” Series for $20,000, a Helen Frankenthaler for $15,000

  • Modernism Inc. sold six Michael Dweck prints totaling $90,000 and Naomie Kremer’s “Ketubah” for $20,000
  • Dillon Gallery sold four Alexander Kaletski paintings totaling $40,000
  • Jerald Melberg Gallery sold a Raul Diaz painting titled “Paisaje Gris” for $16,000
  • Juan Ruiz Galeria sold a Martin Herbst sculpture, “Sphere” for $9,000

  • Dot Fiftyone Gallery sold an untitled Mauro Giaconi graphite on paper for $7,500, a Liliane Eberle photography series titled “Arthur/Alps” for $6,800 and an untitled Hernan Cedola oil pastel on paper for $5,500

The following galleries also reported important sales for undisclosed amounts:

  • Fu Xin Gallery sold a Michele Ciribifera gravitational (moving) piece titled “Ondanormaia,” a Pina Gagliardi wood acrylic on canvas (made from golf tees) titled “Tee Party (Black)” and a Laurence Bonnel sculpture titled “Silhouette 1” (2011)
  • Edelman Arts sold multiple works by Cathy McClure, Doug Argue, Eric Rhein and David Godbold
  • Arcature sold a George Condo painting as well as a mixed-media work from Frank Stella
  • Laurence Miller Gallery sold a Stéphane Couturier print
  • Graham sold two Diane Andrew Hall prints “Graphite Wave III” and “Graphite Wave IV”

Running from November 29 – December 4 in a state-of-the-art 125,000 square foot pavilion in Midtown Miami’s burgeoning Wynwood Arts District.  Now in its 22nd year, Art Miami includes modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and prints from Europe, Asia, Latin America, India, the Middle East and the United States. Situated in a newly designed pavilion, one third larger than last year, Art Miami has grown to include over 100 galleries from 16 countries, with a showcase of 700 artists from 70 countries around the world. From the United States, 300 artists are on display from nearly 30 cities. For a complete list of exhibitors, visit

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