#STARZ #MagicCity Season Two–Third Episode Premieres Friday, June 28th at 9pm

magic citySTARZ will premiere the third episode from season two of its original series “Magic City,” this Friday, June 28th at 9pm ET/PT.

Episode 203 “Adapt or Die” – SYNOPSIS:

While Ike travels to Havana to retrieve Maria’s ashes and set his dangerous plan to oust Ben in motion, Ben makes his own surprising moves to upset Ike’s world and lure Stevie deeper into his own. Stevie offers a chemical solution when Vera struggles with her exhausting dance rehearsals, and Danny revisits the idea of working for his father’s other nemesis, Jack Klein.

Episode 203 “Adapt or Die”

Clip: “Secret Six”

Clip: “Judi Meets Danny”

This clip will become live on Thurs. 6/27 at 9am MT

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