Some Like It Hot: BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience

Daedrian McNaughton at the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience in Miami Premier Guide MiamiIt was a cool morning, with barely a hint of wind, a chill was in the air. But soon it was hot, sexy curves, fast speeds , sleek lines, loud roars and  abracadabra the ultimate Miami experience metamorphosized. No this was not the Jay Z concert, better yet, it was the ultimate driving experience .

I was fortunate, like a few other South Floridians, to embrace my secret avarice for speed, to take part in the BWW Auto cross event held at Hialeah Park in Miami. If I had long hair I would have messed it all up and would have not been upset at the wasted two hours at the saloon. The ultimate experience lived up to it’s billing, worth it all.

I first drove the 650i convertible. My hair loves a bit of a tussle now and then. The feel of the car was great, and I was able to take it on a racetrack and prove that rubber burns at high speeds. Sometimes you cannot tell the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconium until to try to cut glass with it, or in this case test the cutting edge excitement of a car built to be driven.

Despite the sexy appeal, my ride came with all the whistles of modern technology. Navigational information was projected on the windows to lower the distraction factor and everything felt very smooth reinforcing a sense of safety amidst the  day’s play.

The focus was not only making me look and feel good, but getting me there in one piece.  The autocross course I took with the 2 series. A professional wing man was in the  seat next to mine, to help me work on my driving skills. It was a nice addition to the purring of the car.

Miami and BMW, we both know how to party. First we indulge our desires and then our senses. BMW gets us there quickly and with a bit of an attitude.


By Daedrian McNaughton
Contributing editor: Dr. Mark S. Goodman

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