Sexy Juicing

sexy juicingJoin Dr. Etti for the Oct 18th Sexy Juicing Group –  There are only 5 spots left.  The free orientation is being held at noon on Friday October 16th, 2009.  To learn more about SEXY JUICING, please go to Dr. Etti’s Web Page.

During the Nov 15th Sexy Juicing Group you can join Louie and Lynn from Deco Drive! It’s very exciting because we are creating waves and the media is getting curious about what we can accomplish together! Looking for highly motivated detoxers who want to join the group detox since Louie and Lynn will discuss the program and experiences on their show throughout the week.  The group will up to 20 people, and a 20% discount is offered to all participants in this group. Please register before the group is filled up.


Love & Light,
Dr. Etti Ben-Zion
Doctor of Holistic Nutrition 305.861.9383

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