Postponed until further notice Sarah Palin at the American Airlines Arena

The Liberty & Freedom Foundation (LFF) is proud to host former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Wednesday October 6th, 2010 at 10:30am. Governor Palin will speak at a public forum in the Waterfront Theatre, located in the American Airlines Arena.

The 2008 GOP Vice Presidential candidate will address a variety of critical issues facing our nation today and its impact on South Florida residents.  Tickets for the forum are available through or the American Airlines Arena box office. For those interested in sponsorship opportunities or attending the reception and luncheon, please contact LLF on its website,,  or via email at

The Liberty & Freedom Foundation is dedicated to educating the American people about conservative principles and promoting active participation in the political and public policy process. By investing in grass-roots activism and educating the American people about conservatism, the Foundation will help to ensure that our nation is led by conservative principles and ideals. For more information about LLF, visit its website at

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