Renowned Tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro’s New Album ‘Romantico’ Is Available Now

Renowned Tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro's New Album 'Romantico' Is Available Now
Renowned Tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro’s New Album ‘Romantico’ Is Available Now

“Jonathan Cilia Faro is a self-made artist, an incredible producer, actor, and the “MOST POWERFUL AND PASSIONATE LIVING VOICE” – Julio Iglesias, Jr.

“Jonathan (Cilia Faro) and Vanessa (Campagna) are two of my favorite voices. It gives me so much joy to hear them singing together. I know listeners around the world will love this as much as I do.” – Michael W. Smith

Tenor Jonathan Cilia Faro’s new album Romantico is available today! Featuring sixteen of the greatest love songs of all time the album highlights Faro’s distinctive fusion of opera and pop, leading audiences through an emotional journey of love songs like never before. Combining his individual flair into timeless tracks like “O Sole Mio,” “Parla Piu Piano,” “Love Story,” “Amapola,” “The Prayer,” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” this record stands out in every way. Even for those who primarily enjoy pop music, there’s an undeniable quality in the voice of an operatic tenor that stirs the soul. Having released a total of sixteen acclaimed albums, including four inspirational and twelve crossover hits, along with boasting the best-selling album in Europe, Jonathan Cilia Faro consistently offers his distinct style of musical genres.

As part of this exciting release, Jonathan Cilia Faro teamed with Jesús Molina for the beautiful rendition of “Amapola“, premiered by Digital Journal. Written in 1920 by composer Jose Maria Lacalle Garcia, Amapola has been recorded by Bing Crosby, Natalie Cole, Jimmy Dorsey, Andrea Bocelli, and more. Faro’s version highlights his tenor vocals and Molina’s impeccable piano style, blending a result never heard before!

“In a world of chaos, we need to return to the peace of romantic music.” – Jonathan Cilia Faro

Jonathan Cilia Faro and Academy Award winner Vanessa Campagna recently joined forces for the single “O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never” and the music video was premiered by M Music & Musicians Magazine. Showing a love story come to life like no other, the song’s name, “O Sole Mio,” can be interpreted as “My Sun” in English. The lyrics depict the beautiful Naples scenery and the comforting embrace of sunlight and the love of a woman. “O Sole Mio / It’s Now Or Never” was the follow-up single to Faro’s “Parla piu piano,” in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the greatest love song from The Godfather movie and was released through Stradivari Classics.

To view the music video premiere by M Music & Musicians Magazine, visit HERE.

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“O Sole Mio” was also recorded by Elvis Presley and released in 1960 and is one of his most popular singles with over twenty million copies sold. Luciano Pavarotti recorded it and won a Grammy in 1980 for his version. It has also been recorded by Andrea Bocelli, Marlo Lanza, and Enrico Caruso, and included on Jonathan Cilia Faro’s new album Romantico,available now.

“In 2003 after overcoming many difficulties, I finally arrived in America,” shares Jonathan Cilia Faro. “For me, the great American dream is called “Elvis.” After watching a documentary about how “The King of Rock & Roll” loved Luciano Pavarotti and how he heard Elvis’ version of “O Sole Mio, It’s Now or Never.” It is music that makes the world fall in love. So now let’s enjoy this tribute to two musical giants who continue to make us dream through their songs. It was great being able to bring to life once again music from the great Elvis and Luciano with the help of Vanessa Campagna.”

In 2022 Jonathan had the honor of performing at the ‘Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference,’ where he filled the arena with his powerful and inspirational performance of “How Great Though Art.”

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