“Queenmaker: The Making of An It Girl” on Hulu

“Queenmaker: The Making of An It Girl” is a must-see documentary film that takes viewers back to the heiress-era of New York City, where socialite celebrity was at its peak. The film chronicles the rise of an anonymous blogger who managed to infiltrate Manhattan’s elite circles and bring socialites to new heights of fame and influence. As the website’s creator is unmasked, the audience is in for a surprise as they discover that the mastermind behind it all was not who they expected.

Executive produced by Scott Kaplan for CoverStory and produced by Emmet McDermott for CoverStory, the film is directed by Zackary Drucker. It offers a fascinating insight into the world of high society and how one person managed to manipulate the system and create an entirely new type of celebrity. With its gripping storytelling and immaculate production, “Queenmaker: The Making of An It Girl” is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of fashion, celebrity culture, and the power of social media.

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