Premier Guide Miami Covers the Miami International Wine Fair 2009

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The Miami International Wine Fair.

Every year a piece of wine heaven stops by Miami for 2 days to touch the lips of wine lovers in Miami. September 26 and 27 was it for Miami wine lovers. The 8th Annual Miami International Wine fair which took place at the Miami Beach Convention Center welcomed over 400 producers from twenty countries with over 1500 wines.

It’s like being in a candy store only wine everywhere. There is something for everyone.

The wine filled days were packed with buyers, vendors and wine enthusiasts. There were seminars to teach people how to taste wine, and the various histories on the many French, Spanish, Italian, Argentinean and Portuguese wine.

Miami can now boast about being a member of the wine family with the introduction of the Miami Winery.

At the Wine Fair the Miami Winery introduced 3 new flavors the“Adventure” Guava Wine™ , the “Fiesta” Mango Wine™ and the“Romance”  Lychee Wine™ . If it is at all possible to taste a city from it’s drink. The Miami Winery certainly does a great job of letting you taste Miami through their wine.

It’s the perfect match to an afternoon soiree or a relaxing night in your condo with the perfect view of the city. You taste and see nothing but Miami. It beautiful

By Yetunde Taiwo

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