Pinetree Drive Waterfront Lot 2.8 Acres Sold

A huge 2.8 acre Miami Beach waterfront lot located on Pinetree Drive, priced at $13,900,000, recently sold for $12,100,000. It is one of the largest waterfront home sites on Miami Beach.

The largest home site on Miami Beach is a marvelous Star Island property

measuring 6.1 acres, and belonging to former Ivax (now TEVA) chairman Phil Frost and his wife.

The Pinetree Drive lot boasts 300 linear feet of waterfront, and is large enough to build one of Miami’s grandest estates, or up to 3 spacious houses. Dockage is available for even the largest of private sea going vessels. The property address is 4567 Pinetree Drive, Miami Beach, FL.

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