@PattiStanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker Talks Baby and Offers Dating Advice To The Stars

LA daters are appreciative and I think it’s a really rough town to be single in as everyone’s beautiful here but nobody commits. So when you have Matthew McConaughey as your poster boy living on the beach in a trailer with two kids and dating a Catholic girl who you don’t marry, anything goes here. We’re the land of anything goes. You can’t do that on Wall Street. If you did it on Wall Street you’d be a flight risk to them. Midlife crisis, cheating whatever and the Wall Street people wouldn’t take you seriously. And the wives don’t like that there. So this is a town that anything goes. And when the girls become beaten up emotionally they’re appreciative which New York didn’t have. They were the bitterest people I had ever seen. And they’re dumb. They’re just dumb people. I mean smart in business, dumb in love I say. I mean they won’t date outside their zip code. They won’t go to the suburbs. Men in a down economy always buy houses, okay, because the real estate market totally took a dive and a crash. If they can get a mortgage — really rich men paid outright. They buy real estate and property. And I’d say a real man is buying a homestead in Connecticut. Get to Connecticut. And they won’t listen to me. So LA they listen to me. _Patti Stanger | The Millionaire Matchmaker


Patti Stanger | The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 5
P.S. Talks having Nene and Kelly Bensimon on the show | Bitter and Dumb New York Women | Hooking Up the Women From Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Dating Advice | Jay-Z and Beyoncé | Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Marc Anthony, J-Lo and Matthew McConaughey Hook-ups
By: Daedrian McNaughton and Kamilah Wallace

The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 5 premieres this Monday, August 15 at 9:00 pm Eastern, Pacific on Bravo.

What advice do you have for New York singles?

Patti Stanger: Get out of New York City. Women need to get out of New York City. There’s five women to one guy. And as long as they hold the cards they’re not going to get married. I mean and there’s no absolutes in life. So there’s always one person that’s going to get married. And you’re going to be like, well she did it. Why can’t I? The problem is, is that the men there know that they’ve got the power over you. They really do. And that’s the sad part. Where in LA it’s 50/50. And it’s a terrible thing to be in a city where you feel like you don’t have power. So the women get bitter. One of the rules I would say to you is keep your appearance up. Look good. Hit the gym, put the lipstick on, get the extensions if your hair’s short. And then be nice to the men. They might notice you more than anyone else because you’re sweet. You’re not bitter.

Lately you have been talking about celebrity hook-ups. Who would you hook-up with Jennifer Aniston?

Patti Stanger: Well I think Justin’s good. I’m not loving the fact that he was living with a woman for 16 years. He lived with someone for 16 years and that he just jumped ship. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. But technically he’s pretty good for her. He’s on the A-Team. He produces major movies. He writes major movies. And he acts. So he’s a triple play for her which is a good fit for her right now. I’m hoping they work out. And I hope his ex-girlfriend finds someone. If not she can call me.


Beverly Hills Housewife Camille Grammer?

Patti Stanger: Camille I would love to see her with a guy who’s an entrepreneur off the carpet. I’d love to see like a Silicon Valley billionaire. I mean somebody who really appreciates her brain. She came across crazy in Season 1 and she is nothing like that. She was going through a really rough time. She even snapped at me. I think Season 2 you’re going to see a different Camille. Nobody knew that he had just did what he did to her with the divorce and was cheating while the show was shooting. She really tried to keep it together. I think that’s why Kyle and her got into it and the crazy psychic that was on. I just think she made poor choices. But Camille is going to make better choices in the future.


Brandi Glanville?

Patti Stanger: Brandi Glanville is a really good friend of mine. I’m actually the one who brought her on. I pitched her to Andy. And I’m praying she becomes a Real Housewife Season 3. Because she is adorable. Bad rap with the LeAnn Rimes thing and the Eddie thing. She has two sons, she’s trying to make a way for her in this world. She’s been a full time mom and a stay at home mom. And she’s younger than young. I mean she looks great for her age. So does Camille. They should be selling products. But I’d like to see Brandi with some ex-athlete. Like some maybe coach of some team because her kids are really involved in sports.


Patti Stanger: And as far as Taylor goes, Taylor needs to take a dating detox break. I knew for years what was going on. And it’s a really rough road. I’m sure she’ll tell you when you interview her. But abuse is abuse. She needs to clean herself off, get rid of the negative vibration, find out who Taylor is before she steps off the curb with anybody else.


Patti Stanger: And Kim I really don’t know that well. I know Kyle more than her.

Sandra Bullock?

Patti Stanger: But other than that I’d probably want to do Sandra Bullock because I feel so bad for her. I feel she’s so wounded over Jesse that even though a kid is great, it doesn’t take the place of a man. Someone off the carpet.


Patti Stanger: There’s a lot of girls in Hollywood that off the carpet is where they need to be. And J.Lo is one of them. No Hollywood husband is safe, she’s like (Elizabeth Taylor), she’ll marry again. She’s Leo in her and they do that. She needs an entrepreneur that lets her shine on the carpet that has way more money than her, like the billionaire status that gives her the world but then lets her walk the carpet alone. Because her with Marc Anthony was like they were competing in the board room and the bedroom. It’s not going to work. I knew it wouldn’t work. So I was like this is so psycho. This is not going to work. She was literally engaged to Ben Affleck for five minutes and went straight to Marc Anthony. There was no time to grieve. Come on. You had your wedding a week later planned. So that was ridiculous. They make stupid decisions, most of these people.

What approach would you take for George Clooney and Tiger Woods?

Patti Stanger: I’d put George Clooney in boot camp with Tiger and Jesse and Arnold. I’d like to have a boot camp with all those guys. Although George is a serial monogamist. He dates for two years, you get a parting gift. He’s like Simon Cowell. You get cash and a car. Or a car and a condo. So he’s not as bad as Jesse, Tiger and Arnold. They’re in a world of their own. They should be exiled to an island and castrated.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the hottest couple out there now. As an expert would you have chosen Jay-Z for her?

Patti Stanger: Yes. I think Jay-Z is a perfect fit for her and I think she waited a long time for him. I think all those songs about being single were probably written when she was angry at him. But I do think he came through. And they’ll probably have a baby in the next two to three years. Yeah I think he’s a good fit for her.

So Madison from Million Dollar Listing will be on the show this season. Did he find love?

Patti Stanger: We have Madison from Million Dollar Listing and he’s counter-partied with another great decorator guy. It’s really funny. I haven’t seen the episode. But the President of Bravo, Francis Berwick said to me that’s my favorite episode and didn’t recognize that it was Madison. It’s like I love the two gays. I’m like that’s Madison. He’s on your network. So it was cute. So he comes off like so cute. He does find love. Whether or not they didn’t whip it out at eye lock on the date. I’m not on the date to tell you that. Because you know how you gays are. But he basically was dating him for a while. I just know that they’re still dating. Guys have ADD in dating world. I tell you not to have sex and nobody listens to me. I really need to give a speech at GLAAD and say you need to start listening to me. He’s been a longtime friend of mine. It took me five years to get him on. So I worked that one. That was my work.


Tori Spelling, Jenny McCarthy and Perez Hilton will be making cameos this season. Why have you decided to have celebrity guests on?

Patti Stanger: I wanted Perez to date and he didn’t want to do it on camera. So we met at his house and he has the most gorgeous house in the world. And he’s adorable, he lost all the weight, looks hot and happening. And he interviewed me for his show online. And then I taped it. So you’re going to see him interview me and ask a lot of personal questions. He’s a really good interviewer. Different person these days. He really is different. And I got to say he’s been my source of music inspiration. I found Adele because of him. He really has an ear for music. And I think since the companies, the studios actually hired him to source music he’s changed his attitude. And since he lost the weight he’s nicer. I think what happened to both of us is we both got single and lost weight. We’re both nicer. People say I don’t yell as much this season. Do I still have the bitch in me? Perez just shot last week. Jenny is one of my closest friends. And she was probably one of the first famous friends. And she comes on to help a guy who’s like kind of a nerd from Silicon Valley, find his sex appeal. And what to say on a date. Most guys talk about their business and we fall asleep. But Jenny comes on that way. Tori comes on and she’s on the second episode. We have a multimillionaire, one of our richest guys, from Vancouver. And he believes that when you’re pregnant you need to stop working and be barefoot and never work again. And he doesn’t think you can do the whole thing at the same time. So I wanted to show him that Tori didn’t live off her family’s money. She built her own career. She didn’t marry rich. We know Dean’s not rich. And at the time she was pregnant but she didn’t know it. And that she could have babies and chickens and cats and dogs. She has an animal farm in her house.

I understand that you have only one millionairess this season, why? And why was Nene not on?

Patti Stanger: We only have one millionairess this season. I wanted more but Bravo didn’t want it. They had a nightmare with them last season. And they are the suers in our industry in the matchmaking industry. So everyone should know that. That’s why I don’t take females on. I subcontract them out to another agency that only specializes in women. They’re very difficult. And we have a woman this season who’s British she owns a stripping facility. And she makes probably Shauna and Plumpty-Dumpty look sane. I gave her the most amazing guy and she doesn’t see it. Very similar to Shauna. I wanted Nene. Bravo kind of locked her because her storyline hadn’t come out about her divorce. I said it’s ridiculous, everybody knows it. And I’m still pitching for Nene for next season if she’s single. Sheree was supposed to be on and she went psycho on us. Because there’s things about Bravo nobody knows. One of the rules is when you’re a millionaire or millionairess you have to pay your own way. So Bravo doesn’t pay you to get to LA, doesn’t pay for your airline tickets, for your accommodations and you have to pay for your date. Now if you’re a millionairess Bravo will pay for your date because I won’t let any woman pay for their date. That’s the only thing they’ll give you. So there’s a lot of divas that want to do the show, they are celebrities until I say we don’t pay you to be on the show, we’re not paying for your expenses, figure it out. And then they freak out. Nene was the only one as well as Kelly Bensimon who I absolutely love who said we’ll pay and we’ll come. And I’m really mad at Bravo for not clearing them.


Which would you rather have, looks or money?

Patti Stanger:
I’m a looks person. And the money person is a person who doesn’t care about looks. And there’s a reason I say that. Because there’s no gray line. Getting looks and money together is really the chupacabra. That’s a hard thing to find. It’s not easy. Especially when you’re my age.

You are now doing the reverse dating rich men. How is this going for you?

Patti Stanger: I tend to date down. The men who are attracted to me are everything from firefighters to regular Joes. And I never dated a rich guy. And John probably is one of the richest guys I’ve dated. Not that he’s rich — he’s just successful. I think I’d like to date a millionaire. I never am attracted to my clients. They lead with their negative foot. They tell me all their dark secrets. And I don’t see any romance there. So even when they hit on me I’m like yuck. There have been a lot of guys on camera for the last five years who hit on me and I went get away. There’s one guy this season who will not leave me alone who is in the last episode. I’m like get away from me. So I don’t tend to date millionaires. But it would be nice maybe off camera if I did. And date somebody who made equal or more money than me and let them romance me that way. And I haven’t met anyone like that. I have to be sexually attracted.

How did your COO Destin do in finding the right match for you this season?

Patti Stanger: I was worried about Destin and Rachel finding my type which they did not do. They would love me to go alternative and goth on them. Not happening. And my manager and one of my closest friends. But whether or not they did good is kind of here to be seen. They kind of mess it up. And I wondered if the producers did it on purpose. So you’re going to tell me that. I pick a guy who’s adorable but he’s metro. And I like rugged. But he was the only blonde. And I like blondes. So it was kind of like we’re still dating, we’re still friends. I’m dating other people as well. I’m not just dating him. We’re not exclusive. We’re getting to know each other as friends first. And I’ll actually see him this weekend. But it’s an interesting thing that happened because at first I wasn’t sure I was attracted because I like that rugged kind of Aidan type of personality from Sex and the City. I don’t really go for the Mr. Big metro. And he was more like that. There is one rugged guy I pick but he’s totally not for me. And you will see what happens. It is disastrous.

So you will be involved in your own mixer this season, dating wise? Will we see your softer side?

Patti Stanger: Yes the 13th episode I actually date. And I do the mixer process. And it was the scariest time of my life. I am a double Gemini. You will see a totally different Patti. I’m like soft, subdued and submissive when I date. I’m completely different. My business person is a different – like my ex used to say can we push the business mode off and go back to sweet Patti? Because I’m really like that in my personal life. It does come across on camera. As far as my show runner said, he says nobody will believe it’s you. They think you’re going to think you’re acting. That’s how demure I was. And I’m quiet. I’m very quiet when I date. I do have one other piece of advice. My grandmother used to say that nothing good happens after 11:00 at night. Go home.

Are there any plans for babies?

Patti Stanger: I wouldn’t have a baby without a man. It’s not that I wouldn’t or couldn’t it’s that I don’t feel comfortable. I’m adopted. So my mom was married three times and I’ve got some daddy issues with that. I would just feel better if I had a partner with that. I’ve wanted a kid forever. And I’ve wanted to adopt. I just want to have a partner when I do it. And I’d love to be a great stepmom.


Do you use Twitter to give advice?

Patti Stanger: My Twitter is my most important thing. @PattiStanger is where I give you advice 24/7. We don’t have a lot of men on our Twitter. We have gay men and women. And Friday’s join the single conversation where you bring on your best or your ex-boyfriend or your brother who’s single. So if I had men that were ready for my girls on Twitter I would fix them up all today. Every one of them. I need more men on my Twitter that are single and straight. We have enough gays and enough females.


In the online dating world, who makes the first move?

Patti Stanger: If I were online dating I’d do four at once. That’s how I did it back in the day and I got a boyfriend out of that. You’ve got to pit them against each other. But when you date online on Match you can wink. So the wink is to signal him to say hey I like your profile. Do you like mine? But you didn’t say anything. Winking is fine. It’s the same thing as the smile in the bar. Guys should be looking at all the profiles. But sometimes girls have terrible IDs. They say their name or they say something stupid. JockeyGirl — and people go okay, she’s butchy. Instead of SexySportsGirl. They don’t know how to make it so the men will actually open their profile. Because the ID is the first thing you see before you see the picture.


What are the most important dating rules single men and women should follow?

Patti Stanger: Well first would be TMI. Too much information kills the cat. And we tend to drink past two drinks which my second rule is two drink maximum. If you get to third a woman most – nine times out of 10 is not a man and cannot take that much alcohol. So they TMI. They tell everything like my mom is in jail and my dad left my mother for a younger woman. I have no job. Did I tell you I can’t find a job? Then the guy’s like what? So he goes home and processes and they’re no longer dating. The third rule I would say is that let the man lead if you’re a woman. If you’re a man, lead. The worst thing that can happen is the guy talks at you and brags at you and then you lose interest. And if you over talk it, you gab away, he falls asleep. His penis goes limp. No sex before monogamy, my fourth rule. Obviously that’s a major rule because oxytocin will kick in. You’ll feel like you’re in love even if he’s a loser. One good orgasm call swells this a bunch. And my last rule would probably be if there’s no one there and you’re dating and it’s not working don’t fret. He or she is probably right around the corner. It’s usually those down times when you have to get into you. And once you get into you the phone starts ringing. I learned that lesson the hard way especially.


Dallas Most Eligible is right after your show premieres. What do you make of the new show?

Patti Stanger: I met the kids at TCA. And I’m really excited for it. I haven’t seen the show. I’ve seen promos. But I’ve met all five except for the football player because he was in practice in Oakland. Matt is adorable. The girls want me to fix them up. So I am loving this. So I told Francis that if we do LA or Miami I want to be involved with the casting in that. So I’m hoping the show takes off. Because I think they’re learning that the category is really big for Bravo, being single. I think that’s what’s happening.

Tell us about your next matchmaking project.

Patti Stanger: There is another matchmaker show coming out with my production company called Soulmate Project which takes place in New York. It’s a husband and wife team. And I will be producing. They recently announced my production deal for Style, Bravo and Oxygen. So we will be coming up with a lot of love genre for you.


The Millionaire Matchmaker premieres this Monday, August 15 at 9:00 pm Eastern/Pacific on Bravo.



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