Patented Datavault® Technology Enables Metaverse Art Gallery And Mints Featured Artists NFTs At Art Basel Miami Beach

International artists at premier global art event to leverage Datavault’s data visualization, valuation, and monetization capabilities to generate new income sources

Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, today announced that it will construct a metaverse gallery to mint NFTs and other data objects at the preeminent international art fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-5, 2021. Furthermore, Art Basel is a global milieu of artists, galleries, and collectors within an environment that nurtures the local arts scene, and careers of the next generation of artists. The platform also emphasizes transparency and accountability in the art market through the use of blockchain technology.

Featured artists from around the globe will demo the crypto technology of Datavault® and mint NFTs in a metaverse gallery, recreating the Art Basel experience as digital art for purchase. This unprecedented event will provide a successful control for the next frontier of revenue generation through NFTs, laying the stage for the key role Datavault® aims to play in data monetization at the intersection of art, technology, and culture.

“The creative and financial opportunity that tokenization within the metaverse will bring to artists is truly astounding. NFTs provide an added source of income for artists and content creators to capitalize upon the NFT market, which hit $10.7 billion in sales in Q3 2021, $3.5 billion of which was specifically from NFT art and collectibles. Additionally, Morgan Stanley estimates the metaverse market for fashion and luxury to be worth $50 billion. The metaverse is now, and it is the future,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings, Inc.

Bradley also adds, “The NFT space is an original medium through which businesses can convert their data into valuable data objects. The NFTs offer a revolutionary way to progress from single sales events to multiple digital sales events, transitioning from the sale of a single physical artistic product to a source of residual digital annuities in the form of NFT sales. This market has boundless potential, and our collaboration with the world-renowned Art Basel Miami Beach will give us a platform to show artists and content creators how to leverage the full capabilities of their data or artistic creations to their benefit.”

Through this collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach, Datavault® will unlock the value of unique digital art among emerging and distinguished artists, esteemed galleries, and collectors of modern and contemporary art. This value is further bolstered by the Datavault® mission to empower businesses and individuals through data transformation.

“Our patented Datavault® platform is well-equipped to showcase the full capabilities of user data, which includes the recent emergence of NFT creation. In tandem with increased interest from our clients, our showcase will aim to empower artists. Datavault® NFTs, which provide an added layer of security to these minted creations, will give artists new sustainable income streams and also yield a new management strategy for selling art in all markets, including those that previously may have found it unaffordable,” says Charles L. Payne, Account Executive for Data Vault Holdings.

Featured visual artist Draven Bennington adds, “My passion for art developed over time as I dabbled in different modes of artistic expression–digital, photography, design. I loved experimenting, and now that I’ve found my way back to the digital realm, I’m excited for the growing possibilities within NFTs, which is now shaping art–and many other industries–in major ways. NFTs are an exploratory, provocative, and promising item that creates new interactions within the digital space. I do believe that NFTs can be an integral way for an artist to brand their unique voice, and cultivate an audience organically through the expression of this voice. As the space grows, I look forward to unearthing the artistic opportunities that lie within the metaverse.”

The Datavault® metaverse gallery, in combination with the immersive, in person experience at this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, will set the stage for future interactive art collaborations highlighting talented, emerging artists of diverse backgrounds. The event will ultimately tap into the power of the patented Datavault® platform to mint and monetize meaningful, one-of-a-kind digital art.

About Art Basel Miami
Founded in 1970 by art gallerists, Art Basel has developed a reputation for showcasing the world’s premier modern and contemporary art. It is hosted in Miami Beach, Basel, and Hong Kong, with each event named after the host city. Programming is personalized to each location, and includes collaborations with local and regional artists, galleries, institutions, and thought leaders. Learn more about Art Basel here.

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