Now Casting"MissBehaving" MTV is now seeking women who are not so ladylike!

Now Casting”MissBehaving” MTV is now seeking women who are not so ladylike!

From the producers of The Apprentice, and Wife Swap comes a new major network show that is going to help turn bold, outspoken, loveto party women into “proper ladies” Think Lindsay Lohan turns into The Queen of England.

• Are you the girl who is the life of the party, speaks her mind, bold and can drink most people under the table?

• Are you constantly shocking people with your crass behavior?

• Do you love to hang with the boys, but now you feel you want to be more proper and lady like?

• Do you feel you missed out when it comes to manners, appropriate behavior or knowing how to act at formal functions?

• Do you feel that your ways are holding you back or not getting you the most out of life when it comes to impressing a man or getting a better job?

If so, get ready to be whisked away to learn proper etiquette and ways to communicate in order to hang with the elite.

Come back a new and improved woman with a big prize in hand!!!

To apply or nominate someone you know email the following to

1. Name and Location
2. Contact information
3. Currents picture(s)
4. A short description of yourself or the person you are nominating

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