New Megyn Kelly-Produced Series EMBEDS for Complex Network – Premiering 1/18

unnamed-6Inspired by true events, the six-episode, half-hour scripted comedy focuses on five recent college graduates working as embedded reporters (“embeds”) for various national news organizations on the presidential campaign trail. “Embeds” is a look at how this tight group of forward-thinking Millennials is unexpectedly shaping the future of their country. It’s also a story of raucous adventures, cringe-worthy slip-ups, and intense bonds shared by fast friends who are in way over their heads – together.

“Embeds” immediately thrusts viewers into the world of a core group of young embedded reporters during the free-for-all early stages of a fictional primary campaign, as they chase a long-shot presidential candidate around Iowa. When we meet Quinn (Max Ehrich), Marissa (Kelsey Asbille), Noah (Taylor Zakhar), T.J. (Andre Jamal Kinney) and Syd (Chloe Brooks) in the pilot, it’s been just a couple of weeks since the crew embarked on the road, but they’ve already gotten to know each other to an extent that would have taken years in a less intense setting. With each passing day, the embeds’ fates become more entwined with the candidate’s White House hopes. For everyone involved, it’s win or go home.

Meanwhile, their exceptionally close but complicated relationships are increasingly fraught as their feelings for each other become more apparent, threatening the stability of their fading relationships back home. Alexis G. Zall also stars as Claire, presidential candidate Dobson’s attention-seeking daughter and Carrie-Lynn Neales as Dobson’s foul-mouthed, vindictive press secretary, Brynn.

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