Negroni Week: Tropical Negroni, Americano-ish, and Classic Negroni at Miami’s Finest Establishments

With Negroni Week coming up this month, September 18th– September 24th, here are a few of the most unique twists on the classic Negroni, and where they can be enjoyed in Miami.

Miami is known for its vibrant bar scene, and three distinct cocktails are stealing the spotlight at some of the city’s renowned venues. From the tropical flavors of the Tropical Negroni at MATADOR BAR to the coffee-infused delight of the Americano-ish at MARKET, and the classic elegance of the Negroni at Bellini in Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove, these cocktails offer unique twists on the beloved Negroni.

Tropical Negroni, MATADOR BAR at The Miami Beach EDITION
Tropical Negroni, MATADOR BAR at The Miami Beach EDITION

Tropical Negroni

1.00 oz Coconut-Oil Washed Campari

1.00 oz Hendricks Gin

1.00 oz Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth

0.25 oz Italicus

The Tropical Negroni, a creation by Christopher Galdamez, Lead Bartender at MATADOR BAR, transports you to warmer shores with its harmonious blend of flavors. Made with Hendricks Gin, Coconut-Oil Washed Campari, Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth, and a hint of Italicus Bergamot Liqueur, this cocktail adds a soft tropical touch to the classic Negroni profile. Galdamez, originally from Chicago, describes it as an escape to a sunny paradise, where the coconut undertones complement the Negroni’s timeless appeal.

Americano-ish, MARKET at EDITION at The Miami Beach EDITION
Americano-ish, MARKET at EDITION at The Miami Beach EDITION


0.75 oz Campari

0.75 oz JF Hadens Coffee Liqueur

0.75 oz Simple Syrup

Tonic Water, topper

Next, at MARKET, Mixologist Bryan Velez pays homage to Miami’s coffee culture with his unique twist on the Negroni – the Americano-ish. Combining Campari, JF Hadens Coffee Liqueur, simple syrup, and a refreshing topper of tonic water, this low-ABV concoction brings together the elements of an Americano coffee and an Americano cocktail. Velez, proud of his Puerto Rican roots, expresses his joy in infusing the beloved ritual of coffee into his craft cocktails, resulting in a delightful and invigorating beverage that captivates the senses.

The Negroni at Bellini
Negroni, Bellini at Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove

For those seeking a classic Negroni experience with a touch of Italian sophistication, the Negroni at Bellini in Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove is a must-try. Created by the fourth-generation hoteliers, Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, this cocktail features Beefeater Gin, Sweet Vermouth, and a zesty finish of Campari. Daniel Velez, Bartender at Mr. C Coconut Grove, describes it as a harmonious symphony of bitter and sweet, where the aromatic notes of the gin blend seamlessly with the rich vermouth and citrusy flavors of Campari.

Whether you prefer the tropical escapism of MATADOR BAR, the coffee-infused delight at MARKET, or the classic elegance of Bellini at Mr. C Miami Coconut Grove, these distinct Negroni variations offer a delightful journey for cocktail enthusiasts in the vibrant city of Miami. So, grab a seat at the bar and raise your glass to the artistry and innovation that make Miami’s bar scene truly exceptional. Cheers!

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