Naughty By Volvo

ESPN-Luncheon-197Known for their traditional, reserved and conservative image, Volvo has created a new campaign to lure a younger demographic to buy Volvo, The Naughty Volvo Tour.

The definition of naughty is improper, indecent and tasteless. None of the aforementioned describes the Volvo. In fact, smart, prestige, innovative and upgrade are most appropriate for the 2011 Volvo S60.

As a part of their multiple city tour, they stopped in Miami. I was invited to touch and feel the new 2011 Volvo S60. The ride and drive event included:

Experienced the ride-and-drive event before it’s open to the public.
Received a full walk-around on the S60 from a Volvo representative.
Experienced a competitive demo on the S60 vs. Audi and BMW and get to drive the S60 on a professional course.
As an added bonus I received a gift bag with a Volvo Emergency Preparedness Kit (valued at $200).

The event was also open to Volvo enthusiasts to preview, and learn about the new design and innovative features.

“The interior of the all-new S60 is all about innovative design in two areas: form and technology. The design is characterized by sporty freshness down to the smallest detail. The technological aspect includes all those smart solutions that contribute to a driving experience unlike that of any other Volvo – from collision avoidance safety and comfort systems to infotainment and audio excellence of absolute world class,” says Tomas Ahlborg, Project Director for the all-new S60.

The most exciting part of the drive experience was the pedestrian detection technology. Volvo has employed several safety features including the Pedestrian Detection System which combines a radar unit in the front grille and a camera at rear-view mirror level.  They work together to spot pedestrians on the road ahead of the vehicle and if the driver fails to react in time, the system automatically activates full braking power.

I drove the competition, and I feel Volvo has captured what they intended to do; to create a car and image that would expand their market share. They did it all without compromising their high standards for safety which is what Volvo has always been known for.

Checkout videos of the S60 in action:

_Daedrian McNaughton

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