Poolside Pop-up Event with Designer & Artist Patrick Church at The Miami Beach EDITION

Miami Swim Week X Global PRIDE at The Miami Beach EDITION

June 10th

The Miami Beach EDITION is set to host a spectacular event during Miami Swim Week, celebrating the launch of designer and artist Patrick Church’s new collection. The poolside pop-up event will honor Global Pride, bringing together fashion, art, and diversity in one glorious celebration.

Patrick Church is a British-born multimedia artist whose work defies easy categorization. Blurring the lines between fashion and art, his creations explore the human form and condition from a deeply personal perspective. Drawing on his own experiences, Church juxtaposes vulnerability with fearlessness, resulting in works that are impactful, emotional, and unrefined.

Through his use of paint, Church creates layers of texture and manipulation to deepen the emotion in his work. His pieces retain a sense of humor and juvenile liberation, reflecting the artist’s own rebellious spirit. With collectors like Madonna, Katy Perry, and Kendall Jenner, Church’s work is gaining recognition in the world of contemporary art.

Curated by Joakim Andreasson and designed in collaboration with Calle Henzel, the Miami Beach EDITION pop-up promises to be a vibrant. Attendees can expect refreshing rosé, stunning fashion, and a celebration of diversity as they revel in Church’s unique blend of art and fashion. Don’t miss out on this opportunityto witness a rising star in the art world!

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