Miami Modest Fashion Week

Modest Fashion Week

The First Modest Fashion Week in the USA to hit Miami, Florida during Art Basel 2019.

On November 30th, the first ever, United States Modest Fashion Week, to take place at the Intercontinental Hotel Miami. Miami Modest Fashion Week will bring a gathering of the most influential professionals to discuss the most relevant topics. In addition to displaying great brands, retailers, panel discussions and a superb educational experience, through fashion.

This highly anticipated event will take place during Art Basel 2019 from November 30th – December 2nd. The 3-day event will be the very first time that “Modest Fashion Week” hit the United States. The Connector Group International, LLC, will present audiences with Modest wear along with menswear and Modest resort wear. This fashion week is about diversity, creativity, education, and the future. Miami Modest Fashion week is set to be an inaugural event that will reach great heights and bring dynamic international talent to the world.

The platform for Miami Modest Fashion Week is one with a unique strategy to promote talent and streamline businesses as a true export in Miami; the second fastest growing city in the United States. Miami Modest Fashion Week will tie together tons of designers and businesses from all over the world, while bringing an opportunity for government agencies to be a pillar sponsor for the event each year. The mission of Miami Modest Fashion Week is to unite the industry’s best talents in the most dynamic strategy which will translate into stronger shows for designers, buyers, and brands in the modest fashion industry for future generations.

Norsham Mohamad-Garcia
Norsham Mohamad-Garcia

The architect founder of Miami Modest Fashion Week is Norsham Mohamad-Garcia. Ms. Mohamad-Garcia is an immigrant for 30 years, born and raised in a small village in Malaysia. She is a descendant of Bugis Linggi, which is firmly entrenched in Malaysian history from the Royal Bugis Linggi Family, to the first Lord Mayor Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur and to prominent Malaysian scholars and political figures. She has called Miami her home for the last 13 years and is very involved in the community. Ms. Mohamad-Garcia formed her first company, The Connector Group International, LLC 10 years ago in 2009. She is also in the Sports and Entertainment industry since 2014 through her associate partner with Shift Media Group.

Garcia-Mohamad is self-taught in Art & Design via her passion and extensive experience as a freelance art agent and consultant for many American and international artists. In 2009, she represented Laurence Gartel, the first “digital artist” featured on the front page of Forbes magazine and the artist who taught Andy Warhol how to use an Amiga computer at her first private event during Art Basel.

“When I started creating Miami Modest Fashion Week, many people from different cultures and religions told me: “ We waited for this because we lived in a bikini for too long. ” Therefore, I believe that Modest-style Fashion Week will cause a wow effect and will resonate with many. I am very proud of this project. We believe in education, creativity, diversity and authenticity, the future. In America, there are a lot of mass markets, behind which identity is lost. Modest designers are very creative and create unique clothes. Americans are very fond of original clothes, the thirst for exclusivity is a big plus for modest designers,” says Norsham Mohamad-Garcia, Founder of Miami Modest Fashion Week. via — Riamoda / Interview during Russia’s Modest Fashion Week.

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