Miami Children’s Museum Stars of Hope/KrakowJCC

Miami Children’s Museum 

Creates Partnership Program With 

Stars of HOPE And 

Krakow Jewish Community Center 

To Provide Program of Mental Health Support 

For Ukrainian Refugee Children 


Miami Children’s Museum, a national leader in providing programs for all children has created a partnership with Stars of HOPE, an organization providing hope for survivors of natural and human caused tragedies.

The war in Ukraine has forced at least 2.8 million children to flee the country. The Miami Children’s Museum partnership with Stars of HOPE will provide hope to Ukrainian refugee children that are being assisted by the Krakow (Poland) Jewish Community Center. The Center has been at the forefront of providing needed services for the current refugee crisis and has a large contingent of children that are part of their programs.

“The situation in Ukraine is an unspeakable human tragedy and the children have felt the brunt of it,” says Deborah Spiegelman, CEO and Executive Director of Miami Children’s Museum. “They have been displaced, brought into new and unfamiliar surroundings, and separated from loved ones. They need to know they are not alone in the world. Through this artistic endeavor, we hope to keep a twinkle in their eye and make a difference.”

Through the power of art, Stars of HOPE will provide individual stars that children at the Museum will decorate to create messages of hope and love. The stars will be sent to refugee children at the Krakow JCC with a photo of the child who created it in hopes of bringing a connection between them. It is estimated that the Museum can create up to 2000 stars within the first month. 

“We are so grateful to partner with Miami Children’s Museum. We hope the public will help us create beautiful pieces of artwork for Ukrainians, as a way to inspire hope and remind people about what good there still can be in this world,” says Josh Garcia, Executive Director at Stars of HOPE. “The miracle of art is that it empowers every child’s voice to make a difference in the world and respond through kindness.”

Krakow’s JCC is functioning seven days a week, 14 hours a day as a collection and distribution point for food, medicine, hygienic supplies, toys and clothing. Between 300 and 500 Ukrainians a day come in to take whatever supplies they need. Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have received supplies there. The JCC has also partnered with a local NGO to transport loads of supplies to the border and into Ukraine and then on the return trip bring people out. As of mid-March, more than 3,000 people have escaped Ukraine that way.

“Our JCC team of staff and volunteers is entirely focused on helping those affected by the war, Jews and non-Jews, in Poland and Ukraine. Thanks to the incredible generosity of friends and supporters worldwide, we have been able to quickly and effectively take action and help people,” says Jonathan Ornstein, executive director of Krakow’s Jewish Community Center. “We have teamed with a local partner to design and equip a 2,500-square-foot safe space five minutes from the JCC, for mothers and children. It will provide childcare as well as Polish and English classes for moms who will also have access to psychological assistance and job counseling.”

“This is just the start of what we hope will be a larger program of cooperation and assistance with the refugee programs that can make a difference in the lives of children,” says Ms. Spiegelman. “We strongly believe in reaching out to those in need to create a better life and stronger mental health through the power of play and the Arts.”

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Families can still access Miami Children’s Museum’s exciting “Museum at Home” program online, which brings the experiences of the Museum to the safety and comfort of one’s own home. Among the ways to access the program are:



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