Miami Beach Median Home Price $1.64 Million

Miami Skyline as seen from Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of the most lucrative neighborhoods in the US, according to a report by Forbes. Since 1990, property prices on the central part of Miami Beach have appreciated exponentially in value by a whopping 1,532%. Miami Beach has become a very pricey area to live in, with the median home price at $1.64 million in 2006.

Forbes further states that price appreciation in central Miami Beach, has been among the fastest in the nation, and so far, Miami Beach has weathered the storm, even with the steep 15.1 percent downturn in home prices in the Miami real estate market. All of the realtors know that sales are slow, and it will be interesting to see if the market is nearing the bottom.

There are a large number of waterfront homes for sale on Miami Beach. The Venetian Islands alone have 33 luxury waterfront properties listed in the MLS. In the heart of Miami Beach, there are a total of 116 waterfront homes for sale. The non-waterfront luxury homes for sale far outnumber the waterfront properties.

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