Miami Beach Home Sold Above Market Price

101 E Dilido Drive, Miami Beach, Florida recently sold for $2,750,000

Homes are still selling on Miami Beach, albeit at a snails pace in comparison to home sales just a few years ago. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, and the recent sale of a very quaint Miami Beach home located on Dilido Island should be very inspiring to sellers who want to be reasonable, and who are willing to ask a fair price for their home.

The waterfront property located at 101 E. Dilido Drive, recently sold for $2,750,000. The 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is situated in one of the very best areas of Miami Beach, and is set on a 10,500 square feet lot, with 2,669 square feet of living space in the house. The sale is one of the best that has taken place in this depressed real estate market, with regards to price per square foot, because the home closed for more than $1000 per square foot, when other similar luxury homes are selling for much less.

The phenomenon known as ‘asking a fair price for your home’ has been absent from the Miami real estate market for a number of years. What is happening now in the market place is just more evidence that Sir Isaac Newton was a genius, when he discovered the natural law of science which basically states that what goes up must come down. He didn’t invent that law. He just discovered it.

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