Melissa Herrington’s New Series, “Liminality”

Melissa Herrington’s New Series, “Liminality”


A liminal space is the time between ‘what was’ and ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, a time of waiting and not knowing the future.


Melissa Herrington’s new abstract series “Liminality” explores the Spaces ‘betwixt and between’. Her work blurs the lines between mediums, forms, and concept will be exhibiting eight new abstract paintings and four works on paper during Miami Art Week with M. Herrington Gallery, booth B35.


Contemporary artist and Florida native, Herrington is known for investigating the ever-changing nature of the female form through her work. She is constantly exploring multiple transformations — of self, other and shared identities.


This series of abstract paintings explores the complexities of a liminal space ‘betwixt and between’.  Each work functions as both an individual entity and as a part of a larger theme of her practice. Herrington explores spontaneous marks and subtle forms through abstraction, powerful brush stroke, large-scale canvases, and especially, use of color. Her process based, gestural paintings are created through layers of drawing and pigment on canvas. She overlays mark-making using pencil, paint, charcoal and ink.

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