Love Gone With Megan Kent

Megan Kent: Love Gone Apparel
By: Judith Wallace

Florida based Megan Kent is the founder of Love Gone Apparel T-shirt line with a rock and roll edge. This young designer, entrepreneur who is only 14 years old is smart, artistic and driven. Her new t-shirt line has been worn by Lifehouse, Sickpuppies, Puddle of Mudd, Papa Roach, Crue Fest, Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson, Miranda Lambert and more.

Megan took a situation where most kids would have a very difficult time handling and turned it into what is becoming a fast growing business. Premier Guide Media caught up with her to talk about her Clothing Line Love Gone Apparel. In our interview we learned that this new venture was created after the divorce of her parents. She talked about her love for fashion and balancing her new project with school and gymnastics. During the conversation she was very poised and professional with her responses. If she continues on this path she will become a force to reckon with in the fashion industry. Megan has big plans to expand her clothing line and reach greater audiences.


How did you come up with the name Love Gone Apparel?

Megan Kent: Well my parents got divorced, and the love was gone for each other. So that’s how I came up with Love Gone and I added apparel to it because it was a clothing line.

How did you become a designer at such a young age?

Megan Kent: I love fashion and I wanted to see people wearing my shirts because I see people like all over who are wearing Hollister, Abercrombie and Aeropostale shirts and I just really wanted to know what it feels like to see people walking around wearing Love Gone Shirts.

Now that you have your Line of Shirts how does that feel for you?

Megan Kent: It feels amazing, I mean I can’t wait until we get like really big and people start getting to know us and we can really start having my dream come through which is seeing people walking around wearing Love Gone.

Why did you choose a rock and roll edge as your style of design?

Megan Kent: Love Gone I guess it kinda has a Rock Edge Name. It never really come across like Pop or a Smooth Jazz or something. It kinda has more like a rock factor like its very sharpness to it.

Do you have a favorite designer?

Megan Kent: Myself

In the future which department stores would you love to see carry your clothing line?

Megan Kent: Honestly the most popular ones, because I mean there are a lot of popular clothing line out there so as long as we get sales I am okay with that.


You just recently joined forces with Backstage Artist Lounge (Christine Martin) tell us some more about that partnership?

Megan Kent: Well we are going to be backstage dressing Rock Stars including the Sick Puppies and that’s all the information I know right now.

Besides being a designer I also understand that you are a gymnastics how do you balance being a designer, a gymnast and school?

Megan Kent: Well of course school comes before anything. Love Gone I probably work on it the second most and I have gymnastics three day a week maybe four. So that’s how I balance them which can be very challenging but my mom helps me a lot so I mange to balance all three pretty well.

Since you started your line what is your most memorable moment?

Megan Kent: The most memorable moment so far is the creation of Love Gone Apparel.  I came back from a field trip one day and my mom picks me up and we were driving home and then we were gonna eat dinner so while we were sitting at the dining room table I said mom do you know what a good clothing line name would be? And she was like no, what? And I was like Love Gone Apparel and she thought it was very catchy and she knew that people would eventually start to like the name and she just wanted to make my dream come true because I am always coming up with a bunch of ideas for a lot of different things.


What is the next step for Love Gone Apparel?

Megan Kent: Well we are getting some new shirts with eight new designs and three of those eight will be an exclusive men’s line. So we are officially adding a men’s line with the introduction of these shirts and we are also getting two new tank tops in and the rest will be like regular T-Shirts not Polos. But I really want to start doing Jeans, shorts and other stuff.

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