Lucas Mejia Steps into 2011 With FAB Shoes

Calling all Miami Shoe-a-holics. You now have a new shoe designer to obsess about. His name is Lucas Mejia. Born in Barranquilla, Colombia and now residing in Miami, Florida, Lucas Mejia is designing and creating shoes that make you gasp and say out loud “ I have to have it”. We met up with Lucas to give you the scoop on how to step into 2011 with Shoes that walk as ART. The Winner of Outstanding Achievement Award Miami International University of Art & Design  and Emerging Designer Award Fashion Group International, South Florida in 2010. Lucas Mejia is a designer helping to diversify Miami’s image as a truly essential fashion City.
Join us in out talks with Lucas.

By: Yetunde Taiwo

What inspired you to get into women’s shoes?

Lucas Mejia: I have always loved drawing — even as a little boy.  I especially love drawing shoes.  Women’s shoes are beautiful and sexy.  I feel that a spectacular pair of shoes makes a woman’s outfit.  A beautiful dress with the wrong shoes is just not beautiful any more.

Take us through your design process for a shoe.

Lucas Mejia: First I look around me and try to find inspiration from where I am, what I see, nature, art, music, feelings.  Then I begin to play with forms, colors, textures, and shapes.  I think about the woman who will wear my shoes and the occasion for wearing the shoe.  Where will you see the shoe?  Then I begin to sketch in my head and then on paper and finally on the computer.  I play with colors and materials until I find the right feeling.  Finally I then have a model or sample made.  Sometimes the sample process is hard because I have to help the production person interpret my designs and my feelings.

Why did you decide on creating women’s shoes instead of men’s? What is it about women’s shoes?

Lucas Mejia: Men’s shoes are not as exciting as women’s shoes and for me it is all about excitement and art.  When I design a woman’s shoe I feel like an artist being creative.  I like to think of myself as a Dali or Picasso at work.  I get so excited.

How did you decide on the style and colors of your most recent collection?

Lucas Mejia: For this collection I looked at the trends and the colors for the season.  However, I don’t follow the trends a 100%.  I follow my instincts and my own eye for color.

With your fashion background and coming from Columbia, How have your incorporated your culture into your designs?

Lucas Mejia: I love my native Colombia — the bright colors, the art, the music and folklore.  I always think about these.  They will always be a part of Mejia design and style.

Why have you decided to use Miami as your launching pad in your shoe design career?

Lucas Mejia: I have been coming to the United States for many years.  I always loved it here.  I always wanted to live here.  Ten years ago I just knew it was right for me to be here.  With the help of my family, I moved to Miami.  I have lived and worked here.  It has been very hard to get started even though I was a fashion designer in Colombia.  But step by step I have started.  Miami is my new home and so this is where I have started.  I also have a studio in Key West which is where I do some of my best work.  I chose Key West but Miami was where I was and so I decided to launch my designs in Miami and Key West.

Who is your most influential inspiration in the design/creative industry and why?

Lucas Mejia: There are so many fabulous designers.  I admire many of them.  I think I am influenced a lot by Balenciaga because of his glamour and his pioneer spirit.  He has a reputation as a couturier.  He is often referred to as the master of us all.  He always used modern shapes which were feminine  in his designs.

Who is your favorite shoe designer and why?

Lucas Mejia: Roger Vivier and Manola Blahnik are my favorites.  I would love to work with them. I like Roger Vivier’s designs because they are bold and modern.  Manola Blahnik’s shoes are very sexy.

How would you describe your personal style?

Lucas Mejia: My style is casual, colorful, and contemporary.

What is your fashion must have?

Lucas Mejia: For me personally my one fashion must have is jewelry.

What can you not leave home without?

Lucas Mejia: My I-phone.  It keeps me connected to the world.

Tell us your favorite fashion accessory and why?

Lucas Mejia: My favorite fashion accessory is shoes and jewelry.  No matter what I wear, I like my shoes and lots of jewelry.  For example, people always stop me when I wear my red converse shoes because they make a statement.  I just love color.

What should we look forward to in the next year with Lucas Mejia as a brand?

Lucas Mejia: I am just getting started and established.  I am trying to work in many areas and get recognized.  I do not turn down any opportunity.  In the next year you should see new shoes, handbags and jewelry from me.  My next collection is going to show many dark colors put together is some very different ways.

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