Lobster Club Art Basel Activation at Lifehouse Hotel

LA-based artist Maja Dlugolecki and her artist collective, Lobster Club are in Miami!


The team is excited to share its upcoming event for Art Basel in Miami on December 1st from 6pm – midnight at Lifehouse’s south of fifth location hotel. The event will include a collaborative activation between lobster club, lifehouse, a supper series, and allison jacks.

The event will include a sunset hour dj set with an edible grape tower installation by Allison and a selection of art on the walls curated by Lobster Cub and its incredible artists. Bubbles and gin will be provided by Dom Maria.

More information on Lobster Club x Art Basel Miami artists can be found HERE.

After years of working with galleries and turning her art hustle and grind into a booming brand, Maja wanted to turn her lessons and the challenges she faced over the years as an artist into a supportive new artist collective — Lobster Club. The residency offers a select group of incredible artists, hand chosen by Maja, the ultimate freedom to create how they please in their own rhythm while working alongside a small cohort of artists in various disciplines within food and art.

Unique from other opportunities and shows for artists in the space, Lobster Club is curated and organized by and for artists, which shifts the perspective, intention, and experience of showing work. There are also no requirements or fees for the participants as Lobster Club is covering all travel, food, lodging, and experiences for the artists.

Maja Dlugolecki (b. 1992) is a polish-american painter based in los angeles. with a background in design and music, her work draws from experiences and impressions in her own life through an abstract lens. Maja’s intuitive paintings feature layered washes and a variety of textures, creating movement and emotion through bold pigments. with an ever evolving palette and method, maja enjoys experimenting and challenging new ways of expression through technique. Each piece reflects a specific personal moment in time. In lieu of a daily journal, maja assigns past recorded thoughts to her titles. She feels this process best reflects the emotional elusivity of a moment and how time to reflect provides a clearer understanding of the self.

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