Kimberly Drew of Black Futures is joined by Ghetto Gastro for a panel discussion and book signing

When: December 1, 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Kimberly Drew of Black Futures is joined by Ghetto Gastro for a panel discussion centered on food and its relationship to hip hop.

When we look back to the early days of Hip-Hop, it’s wild to think of what it’s become. Over the past 50 years, Hip-Hop has birthed a range of sounds, shown up across a mix of scenes, and taken on a number of meanings in terms of its role within culture. From changes in style, cadence, lyrical content, its shift from underground to mainstream, a pillar of political change and a playmaker in high fashion, Hip-Hop as we know it, and as we have known it, has proven to not only be a cultural chameleon, but a real pioneer in its progression. It’s been tapped into across a number of industries and gone well beyond where it started 50 years ago.

In collaboration with author and American art influencer Kimberly Drew of Black Futures, we’re hosting a series of discussions to explore the wildest predictions for Hip-Hop’s future. We’re passing the mic to the visionaries and tastemakers of Hip-Hop culture—from fashion to food to art—to listen in on their take on its trajectory over the next 50 years.

Join Kimberly Drew and culinary crew Ghetto Gastro, celebrating the release of their new cookbook, Black Power Kitchen, in conversation about food and its undeniable link and influence on hip hop.

Ghetto Gastro is a Bronx Born culinary collective that uses food as a platform to spark conversation about larger issues surrounding inclusion, race, access, and how food—and knowing how to cook—provides freedom and power. Curating experiences worldwide, they collaborate with the best-in-class partners to intersect fashion, art, activism, design, and music—showing how food truly connects us all.

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