Katrina Campins On Life After Miami Social

Katrina Campins On Life After Miami Social

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 – Airing tonight on Bravo TV will be the final installment of the docu-series, “Miami Social” starring Katrina Campins along with four of her closest friends.

“Miami Social” highlights Miami’s lifestyle and the energetic social scene of South Beach, with the lives of a group of hot, young professionals – corporate types by day and party animals by night.

Miss Campins took time out of her busy schedule to talk with Premier Guide Miami on short notice about her life after Miami Social.

Katrina is a role model to many young ladies throughout the community and her attitude throughout the series has exemplified that. During the series her true qualities came through. She is beautiful, dynamic, driven and all the other wonderful qualities that are admired by the younger generation. She was able to carry herself in a dignified manner.

She managed to stay above the drama and became “head shrink” to her other cast mates.

Miami Social Season Finale airs @ 9p.m. ET/PT. See what happens next.

Here is the interview between Premier Guide Miami’s Veronika Pozmentier and Katrina Campins.

By Veronika Pozmentier

Finally in the evening a very energetic, nice and self-confident voice welcomed us on the phone ready to answer our questions also in a very professional manner.

Q: “What are the differences for you between The Apprentice and Miami Social?

A: It was really a different experience, at the time of The Apprentice I was very young (23yr old) it was in New York, I worked a lot and I learned a lot, it was intense. Miami Social is in my hometown it shows my true personality and it showcases my work and business that are very very important to me.

Q: What were you expecting from Miami Social?

A: I wanted to inspire people with my business and my personal life.
My company is in real estate business The Campins Company Luxury Real Estate, where reputation and word of mouth is very important so it was a lot about branding. Network and branding are important for the business I learned that from Donald Trump.
On the personal standpoint I wanted to share my feelings and ideas about divorce with people and the viewers. I got a lot of good answers about that.

Q: Did you get some feedback about the show from people living in Miami?

A: I was born and raised in Miami so a lot of people know me and appreciate what I do, especially what I do for the community.

Q: Are you still in contact with Donald Trump?

A: Yes, more or less, he has always been very supportive of me and he is my mentor, especially for branding.

Q: What are your next projects now?

A:I am very passionate about TV and production, I have a TV project where I would like to showcase the lifestyle of athlete and entertainers.

Q: Your Company caters to an elite clientele and helps athlete and entertainers finding the home of their dream, how did you specialize with this clientele?

A: I went to University of Miami and I started my business 14 years ago being a licensed real estate agent at age 18, so very early I have made a lot of contact in the world of sports and entertainment and I have a good network. My company focuses on catering to Sports and Entertainment celebrities.

Q: Do you like sport? Do you practice any?

A:I like sports a lot but I only watch it, I am not really good at sports. I really enjoy watching it.

Q: What would you like to say about yourself at the end of this new TV experience?

A: I am definitively a businesswoman, I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I would like to be an inspiring model for a lot of women and encourage them to be self-confident in every aspects of their life.
And of course I cannot wait for Season 2 of Miami Social to start on October 2009.”

Stay tuned for more on this fearless beauty in another season of reality TV addiction, Miami Social Season 2.

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