Kate Wilson Photography

As the art world converges in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, local artist/photographer, Kate Wilson will be exhibiting her work in Wynwood as part of the dynamic street art movement that has taken over the city these past few years.

Based in Wynwood, 282 NW 25th street, her 10ft  by 15ft mural has been created as a ‘living piece of art,’ more than just a photograph blown-up on a wall.

“I feel I am creating a style in my photographic and mixed media work, which when printed and displayed on a large scale evokes an emotion and an understanding of India that I have gained while living and working there,” stated Wilson.

From November 30th to December 4, 2011, visitors will be welcomed free of charge to Space Lighting Gallery to see her installation, inspired by the past 5 years she have spent in India.  This creation brings a new dimension to work, and it is the sense of place – where the image was captured and how it will be shown during Basel in Miami – which tells a unique and deeply personal story.


An opening to the exhibition will be taking place on Friday 2nd of November at the Space Lighting Gallery in Wynwood. www.spacelightinggallery.com


Visit website www.katewilsonphotography.com for additional information.


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