Jr. HEAT Skills & Drills Basketball Clinic at The Underline

Jr. HEAT Skills & Drills Basketball Clinic at The Underline sponsored by Goldman Sachs

January 28, 2023

It’s basketball season! Bring your kids to our free basketball skills camp with the Miami HEAT and Overtown Youth Center sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Starting Saturday, November 19th from 9:00 -11 AM, the eight-week camp will be offered to children from Overtown Youth Center and other children in the community. The clinics will take place on The Underline’s Flex Court sponsored by Swire Properties in the Urban Gym, a flexible outdoor recreational space. Children 8 to 14 years old are welcome to participate.

The free basketball clinic sponsored by Goldman Sachs will be led by the Miami HEAT and will be taught by Jr. HEAT coaches. Each week will focus on learning a different basketball skill while also learning about life skills, respect, and sportsmanship. The program lessons include: dribbling and the proper technique for a layup; learning how to dribble with the opposite hand; shooting techniques; and shooting off the dribble; jump shots and dribbling to jump shots, and finally, learning specific shots like floaters and more advanced dribble techniques.

Gates and registration open at 8:45 AM, basketball clinic begins at 9:00 AM. The event is free to the public but registration is required.

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