JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz announce the launch of Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami

Hero Mercedes-Benz Place Miami, JDS Development Group by the Boundary
  • Mercedes-Benz Places unveils its inaugural North American branded residential project.
  • Creating a new mixed-use building with luxury residences and a visionary approach to urban living in Brickell, Miami, as part of the Mercedes-Benz licencing business.
  • The 67-story project merges modern living spaces with innovative mobility concepts.

JDS Development Group, a US-based real-estate company, and Mercedes-Benz reveal Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami. This 67-story, mixed-use residential project demonstrates dynamic and thoughtful placemaking in Brickell. At over 2.5 million square feet, it is one of the largest projects currently under construction in Florida. It is also the first branded real-estate project for Mercedes-Benz in the United States, centred around the theme of “Timeless Design, Inspired by Miami“.

“It is a privilege to work with Mercedes-Benz and move beyond a traditional residential building to create a new community for the future. Underpinned by sustainable building methods and design, Mercedes–Benz Places in Miami will create a legacy not just for Brickell, but Florida as a whole.”
Michael Stern, Founder & CEO of JDS Development Group.

This visionary tower is being developed by JDS Development Group, the company behind some of the world’s most transformative skyscrapers of the past decade. The project is part of the Mercedes-Benz licencing business by Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH. The Mercedes-Benz design team has worked in collaboration with award-winning SHoP Architects to ensure the structure embodies the brand’s design philosophy of Sensual Purity.

The residential tower will be built in Brickell at 1 Southside Park, comprising 791 Mercedes-Benz residences with studios to 3-bedroom condominiums. Occupants will enjoy spectacular views of Miami, Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and beyond. Foundation work is underway and initial occupancy is planned to start in 2027. Sales will be managed by SERHANT., a multidimensional real estate and media company.

“Our branded real-estate venture in Miami embodies the strategy behind Mercedes-Benz Places. We want to develop exclusive residences with our partner that are undeniably Mercedes-Benz and create a new mode of urban living with vibrant communities. Ultimately, we want to create places to come home to, in a location worth living in.” Eva Wiese, Head of Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH

Hummingbird Mercedes-Benz Places Miami, JDS Development Group by The Boundary

Contemporary architectural design in Miami – emphasising both emotion and intelligence

The design of Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami centres around an eye-catching, cube-shaped mixed-use tower. These simple geometric bodies are interconnected to create a prominent skyscraper that stands out in the current architectural landscape of Miami. The shape of the building has been refined through the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity. This is the symbiosis of intelligence and emotion – two contrasting principles that combine to create clear forms and sensuous surfaces. The emotional side of Sensual Purity is characterised by free-flowing, elliptical lines and shapes inspired by nature. With its stacked-box design, this project reflects the technical side of the design language.

“Our distinctive style is Sensual Purity. This philosophy, based on the duality of emotion and intelligence, consists of a hot and a cool pole. The cool aspect represents very much the tradition of geometric German long live design originated in the Bauhaus. This crucial part of our brand was the inspiration for the architecture of this extraordinary new Mercedes-Benz Places landmark in Miami.” Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer, Mercedes-Benz AG

Looking at the architecture of Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami in more detail, the profiles of the individual balconies and terraces are designed to capture the light in a wide variety of ways. Technical silver is the dominant colour, complemented by the classic Mercedes-Benz black and white, to create opportunities for distinctive highlights and stimulating contrasts. The overall architectural effect commands a distinct presence on the Miami skyline.

Lobby Exterior, Mercedes-Benz Places Miami, JDS Development Group by The Boundary

A curated lifestyle experience – setting the standard for intelligent urban living

Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will give residents and guests access to a range of customer-centric living solutions. There will be more than 130,000 square feet of amenities and hospitality space. In addition, there will be 200,000 square feet of office space, health and fitness facilities, a 174-key hotel, retail outlets, and on-site parking. Innovative mobility solutions also play a key role with space for EV charging stations, valet parking, a car fleet for occupants, plus bicycle and scooter sharing. Mobility and innovative digital solutions will be developed in collaboration with ReWyre, a leading commercial property technology platform.

Southside Park Mercedes-Benz Places Miami, JDS Development Group by The Boundary

Embracing a regeneration plan and sustainable development practices

In addition to changing the residential landscape, Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will transform the Brickell neighbourhood. Key to this will be reimagining Southside Park as an urban oasis through a collaboration with renowned urban landscape designers, Field Operations. With its canopy of trees and native vegetation, such as mango trees and shortleaf figs, the project aims to create a healthy living space. The regeneration strategy also supports a range of environmentally friendly activities, including energy-efficient production, impactful vegetation, and water conservation.

As JDS Development Group and Mercedes-Benz work together, Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will emerge as a symbol of excellence, innovation, and a timeless presence in Miami.

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