Issa Trust Foundation and Premier Guide Media unite to launch The Save the Children of Jamaica Campaign

The Issa Trust Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Jamaica is proud to announce a unique partnership with Premier Guide Media’s entertainment and lifestyle magazines to launch “The Save the Children of Jamaica Campaign.”

Born out of the need to drive changes in the health care system in remote parishes of Jamaica, Issa Trust Foundation and Premier Guide Media seek to bring awareness to pediatric care and improve access to health care services. In order to achieve this goal, the organization seeks pediatric physicians, volunteers and charitable donations.

After reading an email sent to me from Mrs. Diane Pollard, the CEO of the Issa Trust Foundation, I was heartbroken. I was immediately compelled to take action. Hence the launch of “The Save the Children of Jamaica Campaign to benefit The Issa Trust Foundation,” said Daedrian McNaughton, Founder/CEO, Premier Guide Media. “Jamaica is considered a third world country, and one of the most recognized throughout the world for its accomplishments through academics and sports. However, looking at such accomplishments, one would expect Jamaica to be more advanced in areas such as healthcare. Unfortunately, that is not the case.  I understand how important it is for a child to have access to basic healthcare. So I have decided to align myself and Premier Guide Media with The Issa Trust Foundation as Goodwill Liaisons to help bring added exposure and change to the needs of the children of Jamaica.”

Recognizing that there was a crucial need in this area, The Issa Trust Foundation was created to provide pediatric and educational care to children who are born under less than desirable and unfortunate circumstances throughout rural Jamaica. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to the health and well being of children living in the poorest communities on the island.  Through the organization’s efforts, medical teams from Philadelphia and Iowa have volunteered to offer pediatric care with supplies and support from other organizations. They have provided education and pediatric assistance to children in need at no cost to the families.

Since its inception, The Issa Trust Foundation has managed to provide pediatric care to a substantial amount of communities throughout the island, and would like to expand their program in training local nurses to provide sustainable pediatric training. The goal of Issa Trust Foundation is to empower a population to take care of its own.

“We are humbled to partner with the Ministry of Health to help bring change and help the children and families in Jamaica,” stated Diane Pollard, President & CEO.  “What affected me the most was knowing there are no Pediatric Hematology Oncology doctors on the island. Many feel since Jamaica is an island with lots of tourists, that there is NO need.  Far from the truth!  In fact, last year we purchased warmers for newborns when we saw doctors placing cotton around preemie babies and placing them in zip lock bags to keep them warm.  We no longer want to see medications given to a child for a painless death when there was hope.”

One of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals is to reduce Child Mortality, the death of infants and children under the age of five, by two thirds by 2015.   Child deaths are falling, but not quickly enough to reach the target.  Our pediatric programs will help lower child mortality rates.  In order for us to help achieve those goals, continued funding will be Key.

From the very moment Issa Trust Foundation was created it was to be a charity for children to focus on Health and Education initiatives.   Our missions continue to expand and become more ambitious but it continues to be possible ONLY because of the tremendous support of our contributors and volunteers. Never for one second has Issa Trust Foundation taken this generosity for granted.  Our programs are executed with self-sufficiency as the primary goal.  From self-sufficiency comes capacity building, long-term efficacy and the foundation on which to build.  We are proud to share 97% of funds donated go directly to our programs.

To help us achieve our goals and lower child mortality rate in Jamaica, please visit our website at to make a donation.

About Issa Trust Foundation:
Issa Trust Foundation was established in 2005 by Couples Resorts as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.  The mission of the Foundation is to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and education, community health improvement and other services to promote well-being and development for the people of Jamaica.  For more information. please visit

About Premier Guide Media | Be Exposed:
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Issa Trust Foundation
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Premier Guide Media
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