Interview With Paris Hilton @ParisHilton

Paris Hilton Interview: Check Into Paris Hotel and Experience The World According to Paris
By: Daedrian McNaughton

Do you think you know everything about Paris Hilton? Not. For years, global socialite and “Hilton Heiress” has been the paparazzi’s darling. Hilton would often give them what they want and not fuss about. She has become accustomed to their ways, and would simply satisfy them by posing and allowing them to follow her daily moves.

With all that spotlight, you still have not seen the true Paris Hilton-the mature Paris Hilton who wants to settle down, raise a family and expand her global brand to include hotels, beauty products and more reality series.

Even though she was approached by Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice, Paris has no interest in getting onboard.

“I’ve been approached every season by both of those shows but I would never do them. I like doing my own show. I wouldn’t want to be with a bunch of other people on a show who I don’t know. Some of the people on those shows I really wouldn’t want to be associated with. But I love Donald Trump. He’s been a great family friend of mine for a long time so I love his show. But the Dancing show I wouldn’t – never do, Paris stated.

Premier Guide Media caught up with Paris Hilton to learn about her life from The Simple Life to Life According to Paris. So, check into the Paris Hotel and experience the true Paris Hilton hospitality. And follow Paris into her reality, unscripted on Oxygen where you will meet the people near and dear to her, her mother Kathy Hilton, her best girlfriends, Jennifer Rivero who’s Paris’s personal photographer, Allison Melnick who is a major player in LA’s night life scene, and of course, Brooke Mueller who is Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife.

The World According to Paris. The series premiers Wednesday, June 1 at 10 pm on Oxygen and it’s an intimate look into the life of Paris Hilton.

With Hollywood on one side and real life on the other, this series follows Paris and the people in her life—through all of their ups and downs, loves gained and lost, marriages, kids, divorce and more, revealing a lively group of dynamic individuals.

Meet Paris’s friend Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and mother of his two adorable twin boys, who is never afraid to say what is on her mind. Then there’s Paris’s pal Jennifer Rovero, who once dated Fred Durst and graced the pages of Playboy. A single mother of two, Jennifer works full-time as Paris’s photographer. Paris’s friend Allison Melnick, a major player in LA’s nightlife scene, also appears on the show. And, of course, a big part of Paris’s life is her mom, Kathy, the voice of reason and the one who always tells Paris the truth. Wise, business-savvy, and fiercely loyal to her family and friends, Kathy reveals a side of herself that the audience hasn’t seen before: a prankster with an unrivaled sense of humor.


What is The World According to Paris and why did you choose to come back to TV now?

Paris Hilton: The World According to Paris is a look at everything I go through from the moment I wake up until I go to bed at night, every single day. And I really wanted to do a show to show who I really am because I feel like on the Simple Life and My BFF show I was playing a character and something I was doing for fun but this is something that I’m really excited for all my fans to see.

Any plans of you settling down and having children?

Paris Hilton: I would love to one day. Right now I’m just so busy with work and traveling but one day I would love that.

Do you have a better understanding of who you are as a person since doing the show?

Paris Hilton: Well, I think I just learn that in everyday life. It’s not the show but on the show, I think, it was a good chance for me just to show who I am and that I’m a human and I go through the same things that everyone does. So I think when people watch it they maybe won’t see me as such a cartoon character any more. They’ll see me as a real person. And that I’m really sensitive. I’ve not always been really sensitive but during the show – when you have a camera on you, like, almost 24 hours a day everyday for months at a time, it can be stressful. I was very stressed out sometimes but I realized how sensitive I am.

Knowing that people saw you as a cartoon character in the past, how were you able to deal with that?

Paris Hilton: I think just because of the Hilton last name people assume that I’m a spoiled brat who doesn’t have to work or doesn’t do anything for herself but really it’s the opposite. I’ve been working since I was 17 and I’ve created a huge empire now. I have 17 different product lines and I’m working every single day, traveling the world. So I think just because I was a party girl before when I started out, they assume that’s how I really am still. But when I’m at parties now it’s for work. I’m either being paid to be there or I’m promoting a product or something, a different project I’m working on. I think that is one of the biggest misconceptions. I think people are judged by what they do when they’re 20 years old. Everyone goes through things and when you’re a kid and you have fun but now I just turned 30 years old. I’m an adult. I’ve been through so much and I’ve really grown up over the past years. So when people watch the show they’ll see that.


Do you have any regrets about doing the Simple Life?

Paris Hilton: This was the beginning of reality television and I don’t think there was any other reality shows on TV at this point. So I had never been on camera before. I had never done a reality show. I was really new to it. And the producers told Nicole just to be a troublemaker and have fun and kind of play that character. And then they wanted me to play something like Clueless meets Green Acres, just kind of act like the dumb blonde character. And I didn’t realize this show would go on for so many seasons. So I had to continue doing that character every season. And also I think I was very shy and it was kind of easier to hide behind that character. And now when I think about it, it was so long ago and the show was such a huge success and really it was entertaining so I don’t regret it because I think people really enjoyed that character. But now I’m an adult and I’m ready to show who I really am, I’ve been through a lot in life and I just feel like what else could happen. I’m not afraid to show who I am and to be honest.

Do you feel like the public hasn’t seen the real Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton: Yes, I think they definitely have, I think just because the Simple Life is where I started and where everyone saw me first years ago. They assume that’s how I really am everyday of my life but I’m not. So, yes I’m just excited for everyone to see me in my real world. Other shows that I’ve done, like, we had to travel and be, like, a fish out of water and live in places we didn’t live with people we didn’t know but now this is really my world and my life, my real friends, my family, my boyfriend. So people are really going to get to see me in my own environment, which they haven’t before.

It seems like your life was already an open book. Were there any reservations for this show?

Paris Hilton: I’ve never let so much access with cameras into my life and they were there all day and all night. So everything that would happen during the month through shooting was on camera. And yes, of course, there’s a lot of things, like, I can’t believe that I’m going to be showing on TV. I never thought I would cry on TV. I just always wanted everything to be perfect but that’s not how life is. In life people go through things and people get upset and things happen. And I wanted the fans to see everything as real as possible and what’s really going on. So even though it’s embarrassing for people to watch me cry it’s what really happens.

What was off the limits for you during filming?

Paris Hilton: Well, when we did the meeting in the beginning with production team and the network they asked me what was off limits and I said, nothing except for obviously taking a shower, but I wanted to really be full access and really be real because I see so many of these reality shows and they’re so obviously scripted. They’re so fake. It’s so boring to me. And I didn’t want to do a show like that. I feel like there’s so many of them out there right now. I just think it’s not entertaining. It’s not fun. It’s just way too scripted and I just said, roll the cameras, let everything happen, and let’s get everything. So, yes, there’s a lot of stuff when I was watching back episodes and, like, oh my God. But I kept everything in.

The paparazzi has been chasing you for a very long time now. How do you deal with it everyday?

Paris Hilton: It’s just something I’ve learned to get used to. It’s been going on for so long. It’s just, like, a regular part of my life. I just try not to pay attention because they’re going to be there. And rather than making myself go crazy and being annoyed about it I just say that it’s normal and I’m used to it. I think the only hard part is when there’s so many of them, like, sometimes there could be, like, 30 or 40 of them and they’re all chasing me in their cars and they’re all trying to get through the red light and they all want to make sure they don’t lose me. So it gets a little dangerous when everybody’s trying to get behind me and it gets a little scary being in a car with them.

Has your fame made it easier for you to develop your artistic side?

Paris Hilton: Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been an amazing artist and I’ve loved to draw and paint and design since I’ve been literally a teenager. So it’s always been something that I’ve always wanted to do. And with music, I’ve always played the violin and the piano since I’m a little girl, and I’ve sang since I’m very little so. So it’s always been something that I wanted to do and be in the entertainment industry. I feel so lucky that I get to make a living off doing those things. And I love it.

Brooke was recently thrown in the spotlight with the Charlie Sheen meltdown. Were you there to support her?

Paris Hilton: I just tried to be there as a friend as much as possible and she’s lonely sometimes so setting her up on dates and just being there for her when she has problems and trying to help her with them.


Do you have any plans to release any new music any time soon?

Paris Hilton: Yes, I have a recording studio at my house so any time I have free time I’m always in the studio writing and working. So I’ve been working on this album a really long time because I want it to be perfect and I recently changed the direction of the album. It was more pop before but now I’m getting rid of a lot of songs and I’m going into a different direction, just house music so it’s going to be a lot more dance and club but it should be out really soon.

Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with artistically?

Paris Hilton: I really love David Guetta. I think he’s an incredible producer and every song that he does is amazing so that’s one person that I’d love to do a song with.

What are some additional projects that you have in the works right now?

Paris Hilton: Finishing the album. I’m writing another book. I have my newest clothing line coming out and sunglasses. I’m working on my new skin care line that should be out soon and makeup. I’m also doing some different projects overseas, opening my own beach clubs and next I’m going to be opening my own hotels. Over the past couple of years all the time I’ve been offered to play Roxie on Chicago and also to play in Rock of Ages and Sister Act and a couple other Broadway Shows. But I said no because it’s a lot of work and doing two shows a night, every single night. And even though it was a huge honor to be even offered those parts, and I was honored, I wouldn’t do it. I just feel like it’s way too much work and I would get bored doing the same thing every single night. And I have way too much going on in my life. I would not have time.


You mentioned earlier about opening a new hotel. What does that mean to you given how iconic Hilton hotels have become?

Paris Hilton: Well, it’s definitely something that runs in my blood and something I’ve always wanted to do. And I feel like my great-grandfather built such an amazing empire and I’ve always really looked up to him for that. So I think it’s definitely something that would be the perfect fit for me. And there’s interest from all around the world, people wanting to do these properties. So it’s very exciting.

What kind of atmosphere will your hotels have? And what will you name it?

Paris Hilton: I want it to – the atmosphere just to be very beautiful and boutique and fashionable. I want to have amazing restaurants and stores and clubs in the hotels. And just make it very me so when people come to the hotel they know that they’re staying at something that I created. And the name, I’m not sure yet. We are deciding between a lot of names right now so I haven’t decided on that as of yet.

Reality or scripted series?

Paris Hilton: I have an offer to do a scripted series but I would be really bored I think. I really enjoy reality. I love being myself and I think it’s also a huge platform to show all my brands and my products. So that’s not my life goal, obviously. I think it’s fun to do and I enjoy it and I really have enjoyed doing The World According to Paris. My goal is just to be happy and successful and build a huge empire and then have a family and have my own children and continue being a businesswoman and get more involved in real estate and open my own properties. And that’s my main goal.

Was any part of the show scripted?

Paris Hilton: Nothing was scripted. Nothing in the show is scripted. And the gas thing, that happens to me a lot because I’m always trashing around and in the hybrid you don’t think to fill it as much. And that’s happened to me a couple of times where I’ve ran out of gas. It really happens to me. I’m not good with filling my car up.

Any chance we’ll see you on Dancing With the Stars or the Celebrity Apprentice?

Paris Hilton: I’ve been approached every season by both of those shows but I would never do them. I like doing my own show. I wouldn’t want to be with a bunch of other people on a show who I don’t know. Some of the people on those shows I really wouldn’t want to be associated with. But I love Donald Trump. He’s been a great family friend of mine for a long time so I love his show. But the Dancing show I wouldn’t – never do.

How did you convince your mom to be on the show?

Paris Hilton: I was so excited to have my mom as part of the show. She’s such a character. It’s so funny and always makes me laugh. So I just had to have her on the show. Plus it’s my whole life and my mom and I are really close and she’s a big part of my life. So of course, she’s going to be there with me on it. So throughout the show people are going to really get to see the mother-daughter relationship. I don’t think people have ever seen that with me before. So I’m excited for people to get to know my mom.

What would you like to add to your portfolio that you have not already done?

Paris Hilton: I’ve done so much in my life I feel like I’ve done almost everything I wanted to do except for, as I was saying before, the real estate and doing my own hotels so that’s one thing I want to accomplish.

What do you do to relax?

Paris Hilton: I love to get massages. It’s like when I relax. I try to do that at least once a week. And also I just love being in my backyard with all my pets and just playing with my puppies and all my animals and that really relaxes me. I just love being around animals, just make me really happy.

Will there be any major changes in your look during the show?

Paris Hilton: I’ve always been blonde. I feel like if I died my hair it would really damage it so if I ever did have different hair I wear wigs just because they’re fun and easy and you don’t mess with your hair. But during the show I think my look is more casual because it’s my everyday. When we’re filming in the show it’s not just events and red carpets. It’s everyday life, me hanging out at my house or just chilling in bed. So people will get to see me with no makeup on just, like, in a nightgown or sweats. Yes, I do dress up sometimes when I’m going out or an event but most of the time I’m just pretty much casual and what I wear at home.

Your style and fashion have evolved over the years. Who are some of your favorite designers?

Paris Hilton: I think my fashion sense has definitely changed a lot. In my 20s I used to be very risqué and I take chances. I’m very dramatic. I love Halloween and I love dressing up so sometimes some of my outfits will look like a costume. And now I like to be more sophisticated. I love to wear different suits. I love Channel and I used to love Dolce Gabbana. I still do but now I’m trying to be more adult. And I love Christian Dior and Ungaro, and those are some of my favorite designers.

Has fame changed the people around you?

Paris Hilton: I think fame affects people in different ways. With myself, I’ve never let it affect me. I’ve always remained the same person I was before all this happened. But with certain people I’ve seen that it really can change a person and I don’t know. I’ve seen people that were so normal and down to earth and sweet before and then all of a sudden they become famous and they forget who they were before and think they’re better than people and just change. I don’t know. But I guess it affects people in good ways and bad ways.

And will we see any of your charity work on this show?

Paris Hilton: Yes, definitely. Charity work’s always been a big part of my life ever since I’m a little girl. It’s something my parents have really instilled in me and it’s something that I do all the time so it will be on the show as well.

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