Inspired Journeys of Ghosts and Vagabonds with Denis Bedu

Sunday, May 16, Gables

Nicolas Dubet is a naïve and simple man, born and raised in peaceful Central France in a community gently recovering from World War II. After a very happy and innocent childhood, Nicolas becomes restless when the events of May nineteen sixty-eight see the death of his young love. He finds some solace in his journeys throughout Europe discovering new facets of life, unknown, even unsuspected, but enjoying new landscapes and new images that only satisfy his thirst momentarily. The strong and invisible presence of his father, the ghostly touch of his father’s hands offer him support whenever he finds himself in difficult, even dangerous situations. In Inspired Journeys of Ghosts and Vagabonds (Trafford, $27.95) buy, Denis Bedu has created a character that is a magnanimous and intriguing mix of Camus’ The Stranger, Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince, with a touch of Forrest Gump. 6pm

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