Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the South Beach Lady

Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the South Beach Lady

Those cold winter days are finally behind and its time for us to indulge in a little sun. You may already have a few ideas in mind as to how to celebrate your Independence Day in Miami this year, but we’re going to throw a curveball at you in the form of one of the most talked about events this summer. Yes, there are very attractive parties taking place throughout the city, but not too many that the entire family can enjoy. Rather than opting to head to a crowded public park where you’ll be lucky to get a glimpse at the fireworks at sunset, how about boarding a gorgeous yacht with your family and getting up close and personal with all of the action?

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This year the Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise aboard the South Beach Lady taking place aboard the popular South Beach Lady Yacht will undoubtedly be an attraction that you can’t miss. Featuring a live DJ on board that serves up all of the music, an open bar for all of the adults on board, and a full dinner BBQ buffet for the entire family to enjoy. Docking at the popular Bayside Marina, this cruise will feature all of the entertainment you need on a day that everyone anticipates. Get your tickets for this big party taking place on July 4th while you still can. It’s set to be one memorable experience for the whole gang.

Boarding: 7:00pm
Departing: 7:30pm
Returning: 10:30pm

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