How to Master Extreme Performance & Conquer the Impossible

How to Master Extreme Performance & Conquer the Impossible

Connect with world-renowned extreme adventurer and conservationist Braam Malherbe to learn How to Master Extreme Performance & Conquer the Impossible.

In 2006 Braam accomplished a world first by running 2,610 miles along the entire length of the Great Wall of China in a single attempt. This translated into running an average of more than a full marathon a day for 98 days. Everyone said it couldn’t be done; even internationally renowned sports scientists such as Dr. Tim Noakes. After the run, Braam went on to conquer even more extreme feats, such as rowing from Cape Town to Rio de Jeneiro. Many of his adventures have been linked to fundraising for ‘Operation Smile’ and raising awareness about environmental issues. In the forward of Braam’s book, ‘The Great Run’; his once critic Dr. Tim Noakes shares, “if the mind can be convinced of the value of the task, there is little that is impossible.”

In a dynamic conversation with IVY CEO and YPO Metro NY Chapter Chair Beri Meric, we’ll answer the following questions and learn Braam’s key lessons and techniques for taking on extreme and seemingly impossible tasks within our own organizations and lives.

  • How the power to visualize is the key to success
  • How to move from success to significance
  • How to perform daily tasks in the face of relentless adversity
  • How to reach your full potential and empower you to become better stewards of the Earth and your business
  • How to have empathy for others and embrace change to grow your business

Braam has built an impactful career out of conquering the impossible while contemporaneously championing for many causes and organizations, using his public speaking engagements and his “Do One Thing” call to action to help environmental and philanthropic organizations educate and raise funds. He is also an ambassador for MyPlanet and Cape Leopard Trust.

This will be a truly unique and inspiring conversation that will empower us to face challenges beyond the norm to reach our fullest potentials and make a lasting positive impact on the world. We hope you will join us!

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Thursday, November 12th via Live Zoom Video Conference

  • 12:00-1:00pm ET: Fireside Chat with Braam Malherbe & Beri Meric + Audience Q&A

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