'Hold You' A Reggae Cross Over Success

“Girl me just want to hold you put me arms right around you, girl you give me the tightest hold (hole) me ever get in my life.”

A track that was literally forgotten a year ago, suddenly gained digital life and has become the summer’s anthem.

Hold You’ is the newest album and hottest track from upcoming Jamaican Reggae artist, Windel Beneto Edwardo aka Gyptian. It was originally produced in 2009 but did not receive international air play until early 2010.

With steady air play on all the major radio stations, interviews with notable publications and a worldwide tour, Gyptian and “Hold You” were not without controversy.

The lyrics of the song may seem provocative to some which created a stir initially in the Jamaican community. One may interpret the song as raunchy, risque with light sexual innuendos. On the other hand it may be interpreted simply as a man experiencing a moment of loneliness missing the affection of his female companion.

Whatever your interpretation, it is music and Gyptian is enjoying the success of the track.

In an interview with Daedrian McNaughton of Premier Guide Miami, Gyptian told us, ” I have no intention of stopping now”. As a promising voice of Reggae music he is  committed to continue to champion the cause of the poor through his music.

PGM: I noticed you were added to the Nas/Damian Marley “Distant Relatives” Tour. How do you feel about this move?

Gyptian: It’s an awesome look; it’s real. At first it wasn’t like that and now it is. Give thanks.

PGM: ‘Hold You‘ has been very controversial in the Jamaican community. How did you deal with it there?

Gyptian: To be frank, it wasn’t a bother. I am a real hardcore Jamaican. The pressure that was applied only made me stronger. When people talk about the song, I have to keep the momentum to have them continue to talk about it. The controversy is what sells it.

PGM: You confirmed in an interview the song has double meanings. Please explain the meanings.

Gyptian: Hold You is a whole different concept and sex and controversy sell. It is all about “Hold You.” It is the the individuals opinion to put the song in whatever context or format they want. It is all about “Hold You” not Hole You. I have no problems with the song. It is for the listener to listen carefully to the song to really know what it is saying before passing judgments. I don’t think they should because there is no judgment to be passed on us. It is all about having fun with music you can listen to over and over again. That is pretty much what Gyptian is doing.

PGM: You have done remixes with Nikki Minaj and others, are you working with anyone else or new projects?

Gyptian: I am taking my music to the maximum level. When it bowls down, you will get another Gyptian; for now it’s “Hold You.” Don’t fret, I am not a one hit wonder. I don’t even try to make hits, I just do music.

PGM: Now that you have had major success with this song, do you think you will have another hit as this one?

Gyptian: I don’t think, I know. I am not the artist that does music for a hit. This is my first real cross over music. I have been here for 6 years, this is the same Gyptian, the real deal.

PGM: You started out as the poor people’s ambassador…

Gyptian: I am still that person. When “Hold You” makes the money, the poor people still benefit from it. This is simply to show that I am versatile. It is all about versatility.

PGM: Do you consider yourself a Rastafarian?

Gyptian: I was born a Rasta, it is not a consideration. I did not find Rasta, that was my destiny. Criticism will never get the better of Gyptian.

PGM: How do you feel now that your music is recognized internationally?

Gyptian: I am fortunate, blessed and I have talent. I am not the artist who goes on stage and mime, I do live music. I enjoy doing it, it is like a sport, my hobby, my everything.

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