Gabriela Berrospi, Francis Suarez and Tom Brady part of the Keynote Speakers at Emerge Americas 2023

Award-winning financial expert Gabriela Berrospi known on social media as @gabywallstreet CEO of Latino Wallstreet @latinowallst, financial education platform, and Forbes columnist, was part of Emerge Americas @emergeamericas, the most important technology and innovation conference in the United States as a keynote speaker.

Emerge Americas took place on April 20 and 21 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where Gabriela had the opportunity to present in front of more than 20,000 attending professionals from various industries. Recognized by Yahoo Finance as one of the Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of 2020 and the TOP 10 Latinas that Impact their Communities in 2023 on HITN TV, she was part of this great conference together with the most influential industry trailblazers and speakers such as Tom Brady,seven-time world football champion, Francis Suárez mayor of Miami, former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, among other significant figures from the world of technology and innovation.

As a Latina leader and head of the “Latino Wallstreet” movement that educates Latinos in finance and learning to invest in the Stock Market, Gabriela had the opportunity to be part of the panel “Breaking Barriers: Empowering Latino Leaders to Redefine their Future”, along with prominent speaker Peter O. Estevez and Celina Belizan mindset coach.

For her part, the director of Emerge Americas, Melisa Medina, mentioned her satisfaction at having a panel of great value like Gabriela’s: “I feel very honored to present a panel where we can deep dive into social policies, education, finance, social media, and technology, which will provide deep insights on how to break the cycles that lead to certain conditions in the Latino community, discover the challenges and opportunities we face as Latinos, and how together we can create leaders to break those cycles,” she emphasized.

In the same way, Gabriela felt very flattered to be chosen to be part of this prestigious conference that has been held since 2014, to be able to share her success story and transmit a powerful message: “Many times people see my achievements, without seeing all the obstacles I had to go through to get to where I am. I want you to know that what you are ashamed of or any difficulty you have gone through, whether it is bankruptcy, a divorce, dropping out of school, etc., automatically qualifies you to achieve your goals and connect with your community”, mentioned the prominent financier who also received the Russell Brunson “Two Comma Club Award” in 2022 which is awarded to digital platforms that generate more than 7-figure revenue.

The Peruvian leader commented on the importance of educating ourselves and getting closer to the right people and nurturing ourselves with valuable information that allows us to continue developing, for which she remains focused on reaching more people with the benefits of being part of the “Latino Wallstreet” platform that will be celebrating their anniversary soon and will bring an unprecedented event.

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