Florida Panther Day Screening

Path of the Panther

Sun. 3/19 at 3:30 pm

Save the Florida Panther Day Special Presentation

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Directed by Emmy Award winner Eric Bendick with the collaboration of Academy Award® winner Leonardo DiCaprio as executive producer, this documentary follows the story of the elusive and vanishing Florida panther, the last big cat surviving in the eastern United States, and the fight to save its Everglades home.

D​​rawn in by the haunting specter of the Florida panther, a wildlife photographer, veterinarians, ranchers, conservationists, and indigenous people find themselves on the front lines of an accelerating battle between forces of renewal and destruction that have pushed the Everglades to the brink of ecological collapse.

In a struggle resonating across the globe, the panther’s habitat has become an island. Its lush territory transformed into subdivisions. A paradise vanishing into thin air. Perched on the edge of extinction, the panther is an emblem of our once connected world. A vision of what could be again. Or else a harbinger of what could befall our planet if the “Path of the Panther” becomes a dead end.

“A gripping tale of survival, Path of the Panther offers hope that we can follow our love of beauty and nature toward better stewardship of the Earth.” —Carol Harada, Mill Valley Film Festival

“Image-making has rarely felt this essential to our planet’s survival.” —Jaie Laplante, DOC NYC

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Path of the Panther – U.S., 2022, 89 min, Dir. Eric Bendick, Rated PG

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