Flipping Out With Jenni Pulos

At the end of the day Jeff wants an employee that’s going to sometimes give him a straight call. So it’s not always going to be what he wants to hear. And as much as he gets upset in the moment, I think ultimately he respects that. We somehow made it work still.

Jenni PulosFlipping Out: Jenni Pulos
Jeff Lewis’s his loyal assistant turned Chief Operations Officer | Rapper | Actress (Monk, Charmed, and Moesha)
By: Judith Wallace

Jenni what are we going to see from you this season in terms of your romantic life?

Jenni Pulos: A lot of nothing. There’s a lot of drama this year. Within the workplace, big surprise for Zoila. You don’t see any of my personal life. That’s the answer. This is a workplace dramedy so it’s not about my personal life. It was but my ex-husband doesn’t work here anymore.

Are you dating right now?

Jenni Pulos: I’m happy if that’s what you wanted to know. I am dating a doctor and he has a job and he’s a nice man. He puts up with me and that I’m a rapping lizard. So somebody did fall in love with the rapping lizard, imagine that.

Your Watch What Happens Live theme song is pretty cool. Are you considering a career in music?

Jenni Pulos: I’m currently working on the kid’s album. I can’t really say but something huge just happened. I love my song for Andy Cohen. You can download it. It’s a ringtone. And, I’m very proud of Watch What Happens Live. And that people enjoy the theme song.

Who would you like to work with on your rap album?

Jenni Pulos: Well, Snoop Dog but I also have to say Lil John who’s up there. Lil John. I love Snoop, I love Will Smith, old school, Parents just don’t understand and my boss just doesn’t understand that I’d love to be a rapper – what.

Do you think your street cred is going to take a hit once your kiddie rap album comes out?

Jenni Pulos: Yes I did think that until all of a sudden some major street cred may be coming my way so it’s going to counterbalance the kid’s rap. I cannot name names but just watch, watch what happens. But I’m very excited. And I’m excited to do something great for kids. So there’s no such thing as a bad street cred if you’re putting a good message out there for the babies. Word.

Give us a line from one of your songs…

Jenni Pulos: You need to brush your teeth, wash your face, and clean your ears too. Everybody does. You got to brush, brush, brush your teeth. And wash your face, clean your ears too.

How would you describe Jeff’s style?

Jenni Pulos: He possesses a warm relaxed modern style.

What are some of the big reveals this season?

Jenni Pulos: This season on the show, there’s some clients that Jeff works with that have a really limited budget and there’s beautiful reveals with those. And then our bigger client reveals, like Chaz, if you’ve been following the show, the studio, the salon in Hollywood. So we have a lot of different ranges this year, which is exciting. And that will be good, obviously for these times for the show, people watching but we really stretch the dollar with some of the clients this year. The bigger reveals like Chaz is a beautiful reveal as well.

What do you make of Jeff’s personality and the way he treats people?

Jenni Pulos: He teases people and he is incredibly sarcastic and that sometimes people don’t know that he’s joking. We just had a discussion recently and he informed me that he will tease me until the day he dies. That’s never going to change.

Do you think Jeff will fire you at sometime and who will he release this season?

Jenni Pulos: Yes. You’ll never guess.

Jeff has discovered where you live. How are you preventing him from invading your privacy?

Jenni Pulos: How do people find this stuff out? I’ve already put in my notice. I’m not kidding. I’m moving. But, yes, he found me. He followed me home, creepy did. At 11 o’clock at night and put his brights on and was speeding to get there and then we have something happen where I was stupid and I let him come over. And I’d thought he’d wear the blindfold and then he starts talking to my landlord. It was really bad, so I’m moving.


Knowing that Jeff has crossed the line in dating an employee, has he ever hit on you?

Jenni Pulos: He tried to date me one night. (laugh)


You constantly butt heads with Jeff. How do you manage to somehow keep the relationship going and stay together?

Jenni Pulos: We butt heads but somehow we always work it out. At the end of the day Jeff wants an employee that’s going to sometimes give him a straight call. So it’s not always going to be what he wants to hear. And as much as he gets upset in the moment, I think ultimately he respects that. I know that Zoila’s that way. We somehow made it work still.


What does Zoila have for us this season?

Jenni Pulos: Zoila, she has a big surprise this season. Make sure to tune in.


The new season of Flipping Out premieres on Bravo, on Wednesday, July 6 at 9:00 pm.

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