MANUEL LIÑÁNAdrienne Arsht Center presents


March 27, 2020 at 8 p.m.

Knight Concert Hall

Tickets: $29, $49, $69, $89* 

Part of the 2019-2020 Knight Masterworks Dance Series made possible with the generous support of Knight Foundation


Manuel Liñán returns to Flamenco Festival Miami with an all-male dance company in a new show that explores gender identity through characterizations inspired by the flamenco woman. ¡VIVA! is an ode to freedom of movement, where the feminine is embraced from the masculine body as its own; where gender roles, in a codified world like flamenco, are broken with joy and enjoyment, creating new terrains that, although unexplored, are not distant.


Liñán creates a transformation in ¡VIVA! that constructs a body that we long for in order to enhance our way of expressing ourselves. In a celebratory key, Liñán proposes the plurality of flamenco dance, through both its different forms and their singularity. And he does it with six bailaores-bailarines accompanied by live musicians who will be in charge of exploring and diving into this fascinating universe of the feminine, as seen from the masculine; thus, exposing these two identities, which are part of our own nature.

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