First-Ever MONK FRUIT Low ABV Beverage Launched By Disruptive Industry Veteran Joe Peleg | Designed by Celebrated Artist Miguel Paredes

Hard Bubbly™ by FUN WINEIntroducing the first-ever low ABV beverage made with REAL monk fruit Hard Bubbly™ by FUN WINE. The lightly carbonated, everyday wine drinks include three new flavors — Peach Passion Moscato™, Cappuccino Chardonnay™, and Espresso Cabernet™, alongside current award-winning favorites — Coconut Chardonnay™, Strawberry Rosé Moscato™, and Sangria.

Today, as one of the leading low-ABV (alternative alcohol) beverages, FUN WINE has shown significant growth from the start of the pandemic through now, tripling sales within the last three months. Inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of Miami and with the ethos that wine should be affordable for everyone, the non-traditional FUN WINE has garnered mass appeal.  FUN WINE’s growth is outpacing Total Wine by 3,000% YTD, with FUN WINE up 450% and Total Wine up 14.7%. FUN WINE is outpacing Flavored Wine by 1,100% YTD, with Flavored Wine up 38.4%.

Hard Bubbly™ by FUN WINE


  • Each bottle is a piece of art created by acclaimed artist Miguel Paredes and priced at just $5.99.
  • It’s 59 calories per 5 oz. pour less than half the calorie content of traditional wine and the lowest globally for a 5.5% ABV wine product.
  • All six are produced with all-natural, gluten-free ingredients, and all are manufactured in a vegan-certified plant in the European Union.

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