Eat for Japan Relief at SUSHISAMBA

SUSHISAMBA Japan relief program started on March 11 the same day as the devastating earthquake and tsunami (Friday evening). The idea was to start grass root campaign with our chefs many of whom are originally from Japan to raise money and connect with their families and Japanese community at large during this difficult time. Our executive sushi chefs from New York, Chicago, Miami & Las Vegas created special $12 Japan Relief Rolls in honor of their country.  

SUSHISAMBA is giving 100 percent of the proceeds from a special $12 sushi roll to the Red Cross to help those affected by this horrific disaster. The nationwide campaign – available in all of our location cities – will run through the end of March.

You can find more information about the campaign on

The Japan Relief roll consists of: eel, shrimp, tamago, cucumber, yamagobo, kelp paper and eel sauce.

Available at SUSHISAMBA dromo,

600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

A message from our Executive Sushi Chef Shoyo Iida

Roll: eel, shrimp, tamago, cucumber, yamagobo, kamppyo, kelp paper and eel sauce

Where are you from: Sapporo, Hokkaido
What do you love about Japan: I love Japanese food because it doesn’t use a lot of salt — people enjoy the food for what it is.

Message: I would say to the Japanese people to be strong. In past earthquakes, people helped each other out. To the countries who are helping out now, we are very appreciative.

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