Dodo Jewelry Opens at Aventura Mall

Good luck bracelet in 9k rose gold ($ 895 - $ 990) with charms: rose gold bell ($ 325) white gold and white diamond four leaf clover ($1,350), rose gold horse-shoe ($ 210) white gold and white diamond horse-shoe ($ 1,035), rose gold and brown diamond key ($ 990), rose gold and brown diamond dice ($ 675). FOR LOVE, FOR FRIENDSHIP, FOR FUN: DODO JEWELRY HAS ARRIVED.

The lovable Dodo is making his first American debut and home in the famed Aventura Mall!

With its huge European following, this Italian jewelry brand has been coveted for 15 years through its whimsical and fun demeanor as well as for its ability to be worn by all regardless of age or gender.

Dodo is not just any jewelry, it has a unique and special personality.

It is a collection of charms, a happy and lighthearted group of animals who speak to you. In a gram of gold, each one has a meaning and message that represents feelings and emotions, revealing something about those who wear them.

Dodo pieces are meant to be collected, given as presents of love or friendship. It is a jewel that you will never want to take off.

The new boutique is designed by the notable Paola Navone. It is brightly colored, fun and inspired by nature which Dodo loves and supports. In the front window the jewelry is displayed floating in bright red tanks of water, from the ceiling hangs green grass inspired by meadows and the sales desk is made of tropical wood, designed as a bar, with stools and poufs to sit on. The whole space is light and bright and sends out the positive energy of Dodo, which wants to express its love and affection. Quite simply, Dodo is impossible to resist.

Dodo speaks to you. Discover the new Dodo International page on Facebook.

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